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Car Insurance: How to Reduce Your Cost

Car insurance is expensive in the UK but the majority of motorists aim to get the cheapest insurance deal possible. In an ideal world, you would be offered the cheapest insurance deal possible each year by your insurer but sadly, the reality is that insurance companies are in the business of making money, so premiums tend to go up rather than down. The onus is on motorists to find the best deal and car insurance groups are central to this. Price comparison websites have become incredibly popular, as drivers enjoy the convenience of being able to compare prices from a wide variety of insurance companies. Whether you use one of these sites or do the legwork yourself, various factors are taken into consideration when determining your quote. These include annual mileage, type of use and where the vehicle will be kept at night but one of the biggest influences on your insurance quote is the insurance group in which your car or potential car falls. Nowadays, each new model derivative and most sold since the s has an insurance group rating applied by the Association of British Insurers ABI.

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How to make proposal online for Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme GOR

The minimum age for taking this policy is 18 years and maximum is 65 years. There is Lifelong Renewability under the Policy in the absence of a claim. You can opt for Hospital Confinement allowance under the policy that pays for per day of accidental hospitalisation for maximum up to 15 days in a policy period. This policy covers only Accidental Death and hence death due to any other reason other than accident will not be covered under this policy. Hospital Confinement allowance and Ambulance expenses including air ambulance are available as add on covers under this policy. There is no pre- policy requirement in this policy. However any Pre- existing disabilities have to be declared on the Proposal Form and the case may be underwritten based on the level of disability.

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AIG 2008 market crash

Established in by Edwin Cornelius Vander Starr, AIG has offices in more than countries that provide life insurance and retirement service through three subsidiaries: During the month the cany exses that the reinsurance deal should have been accountant as deposit. In mid , AIG admits that they done improper accounting. They engaged in misleading accounting and financial reporting. The companys two improper transactions gave the investors the impression that the Company has large reserves for claim than it did. CEO Hank Greenburg was the main culprit behind this scandal. He booked loans as revenue, made traders to inflate stock prices.

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Bingle Car Insurance

Get a quick quote to see how much you could save. Quite simply, we provide no-fuss, low-cost, comprehensive car insurance aimed at safe drivers. Just answer some basic questions online, purchase your new Bingle policy, and you're on your way. By keeping it simple we save you precious time and could save you some money too. But like a good driver, we don't cut corners. You've had a bingle. Your car is accidentally damaged.

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