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[ NCIS ] Something Blue 14x23 - McGee and Delilah Get Married

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McGee says that Kody is obsessed with death and dying because his room is black, full of skulls and he listens to death metal. Abby takes offence and McGee clarifies that this stuff is OK if you are an adult. She retaliates that McGee kills people on-line yet he never took his class hostage.

Later on in her lab she hits McGee because he wasn't paying attention to her. After figuring out they can hack into the classroom web-cams she tells McGee to hit her back because she deserves it. He refuses to hit her, even after she calls his "Elf Lord. It's kind-of like the little kids in the sandbox who keep poking each other with a stick because they like each other.

He hits her and she chases him around her lab. Abby and McGee discuss the difference between Army and Navy rank. Abby gets McGee to call her "Sir". He is always so eager to 'play' along with her. Abby gets jealous when McGee defends Ziva. McGee falls asleep in Abby's lab after working all night to find an SD card with Gibbs and the rest of the team. Abby "Sigmund Freud, eat your heart out. McGee, no lurking without a permit. Field test said it was cocaine, but" Abby "I told you I was going to email you the results when I was done.

All I had to do was give a deposition. You came all the way down here to see me in my court suit! We have to get out of here! McGee is wearing his MIT shirt and sweatpants.

We know that Abby is possessive because she gets on her high horse when she finds that the toothbrush Tim said she left in his bathroom is not her toothbrush. Abby "Nothing like a nice relaxing video game to calm the nerves.

Pretty good, huh? Did you change the refresh rate? Increased your throughput by fifty percent. I am going to take the sleeping bag. We can share the same bed. Your shirt smells like J Lo Glow. I think it fell out in your car. Your old toothbrush is still in my bathroom. Maybe you should take the sleeping bag. McGee "What is creepy about it?

I just never bothered to throw it out. Not for a quasi-manly Federal agent who carries a gun. McGee "Where are you going? We both know Gibbs is just being over-protective. You go. A minute later there is a knock at the door. She gets up and opens the door without checking who it is. It's McGee and he looks annoyed. Abby "What?! Now listen to me. You do not open the door, okay? Not for anyone. He walks into the hallway and turns to point at Abby. Or I will tie you up. When Abby is at Gibbs' house for the night she is in sweatpants and a large t-shirt, at Tim's apartment she is in panties, tank top and one of Tim's shirts.

Therefore implying there is a slight sexual relationship still with Tim possibly friends with benefits? While in her lab Abby and McGee discuss footwear. She says that there is no excuse for poor footwear, he responds that she wears platforms. McGee comes down to Abby's lab to check on her. McGee "Abby? You guys can just set that right there on the floor.

Never heard a girl fart before? They were afraid to open the door because the big fat wolf was outside. This is definitely going on my wall. She gets irritated Gibbs?

The Evolution Of McGee And Delilah's Relationship On NCIS

No music. You know, you usually play music in here. McGee looks on shocked. Perhaps because he knows McGee can 'handle' an upset Abby.

The director tells the team Gibbs is awake, Abby gets excited and hugs McGee. He smiles big and hugs her back.

The director then tells the team about his memory loss and Abb y can't deal with the knowledge of Gibbs loosing the last 15years. She then asks the director if she may go to the restroom.

The director tells everyone that that is the point to go to the restroom. McGee places his hand against her back as they walk away from everyone to the restroom. Abby doesn't want McGee to know what she was like 15 years ago probably embarrassingsame with McGee. Abby "Can you imagine how scary that would be to lose the last fifteen years of your life? Raging hormones. I used to walk around all day with my notebook in front of my.

It should actually be three point nine six two meters wide. Not two six. So was it one of those tiny spiral notebooks or one of those big three ring binder things, Timmy? He just smiles back at her. A little closer to the bulkhead. The autopsy report indicates that Galib was sitting on the bomb.

You can compute the amount of Semtex used that accurately? I can compute anything accurately, including the size of the notebook required to" McGee "Stop! Can you detonate the bomb, please? Abby "Sorry. I forgot to tell you I added sound.

Uh can we try that again without sound? The oil drum is disintegrating, but retains enough integrity to blow what remains of Galib into the overhead. In the following microseconds, the oil drum disintegrates. Galib is impacted into the overhead and Gibbs is Season 4.

McGee's face shows fear as he attempts to figure out what she is talking about. She tells him to relax and then explains. Abby Eating donuts and drinking Caf-Pow " Is he here yet? Is he here yet? I promise. Or worse? What if he missed his connecting flight? Phylum cnidaria. She slaps his hand away and he doesn't even flinch. McGee looks nervous and worried. He leans towards her and puts his hand on her arm Relax. I was referring to the health food freak over there.

Every time I go past her desk, I have this irresistible urge to shove a cheeseburger down her throat. He is fascinated to complete distraction. He's speechless. Palmer and Tony enjoy the view but Tim is blown away. He even snaps a picture on his camera. When they find something to help the case Tony says "Good work Abs, you did it again.

I'll wait. This shows McGee isn't embarrassed to tell Abby about 'personal' problems, and he isn't shy about dropping his pants in front of her. He says not everything and smiles. She has sixth sense about when Tim is looking at her bum. Tim is bereft when he nearly lets Abby be gassed with Otto the robot car running amok with exhaust fumes.

When Abby is talking to Gibbs after he pulls her out of the car Tim is standing next to her with his hand on her back for most of the scene.

McGee "I did it Abby. I know how they got in.

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Abby I'm sorry for They were both comforted through being close, he fears a lot for her life. They compete but they also hug and share and co-operate. They work alike and, in some perspectives, think alike.

Abby respects Tim's skills. When they start talking geek-speak to Lt Col Mann, she asks Gibbs how long they can go on like this, completing each others sentences and utterly fascinated with their computer work. Gibbs replies "Until we stop them", showing that he knows how well they click and that they can operate on a level together that no one else in the team can touch. Abby Gibbs-slaps McGee all he does is look at her confused and then Abby apologetically rubs his head where she slapped him.

We also learn that McGee cannot get mad at Abby.

Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) and Delilah Fielding (Margo Harshman) are two of the They revealed they were dating in the Season 11 premiere of NCIS. See their adorable interaction with Abby in "Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot" (Episode 1,?. They were never actually in a relationship! They started dating after Sub Rosa (?Season 1) then things went pearshaped after McGee asked. Abby was one of the few original characters left on the series-and last week left her in dire jeopardy after a mugging.

Specifically if they have ever had sex and the status of their relationship. Sean Murray says "McGee loves Abby.

He'd let her get away with anything. He asks what is wrong with her dollar. She says the machine won't take it and she wants a candy bar. The candy bar she got by mistake has nougat in it. McGee says "but you don't like nougat. He doesn't have one because all he has in his wallet are big bills. Abby eventually gets a dollar from Tony. McGee seems to be the only one concerned with the way she acts when demanding the dollar.

McGee sits in the bullpen ignoring Tony talking about the case because he is worried about Abby acting "Un-Abby". When Tony tells him Abby is acting "un-Abby'' because it is probably something McGee did, McGee becomes worried about what he did because he doesn't know what he did. Ziva says Abby was having a problem with her shoes and she was crying. McGee says Abby could not possibly be crying about shoes. Mann, because Abby going 'through something' and McGee doesn't know what it is.

McGee is very concerned about Abby during this whole episode. She teases him that maybe he should call all his past girlfriends to make sure they didn't have a kid and not tell McGee.

He says that won't take long and they share a small smile and a laugh. He says that the two dead agents should be them meaning Gibbs team and Abby jumps to comfort McGee. Abby is checking the voice from the phone call to see if she can match it.

There is no music playing in her lab. She hears a noise and turns around slowly and sees McGee sitting on the floor. Abby "McGee? Is that you? How long have you been sitting there" McGee "Not long. I know you guys were really close. We were supposed to take the weekend shift. Those bodies downstairs should be us. Don't even think things like that OK? She bends down to give him a hug. Everything happens for a reason.

Timothy Farragut "Tim" McGee is a fictional character from the CBS television series NCIS. . In the Season 10 finale, McGee began dating Delilah Fielding (?Margo Harshman), a Department of . In the Season 9 episode, "Life Before His Eyes" Abby and McGee are shown as a happy couple in the alternate reality scenarios. A Weak Link Abby tells Kate about the date McGee took her on. Abby "?McGee is all mad at me." Kate "Why? What happened?" Abby "We went to Buzzed. Why gibbs, vance, which was mcgee and abby and tell us. Two in a case in courtney's place. Special agent alexandra quinn to give her abby and mcgee sean.

Later in Abby's lab it is McGee and Abby that figure out how to trace the phone call. Also Abby makes it a point to tell McGee "Be safe. When she starts freaking out about it McGee calms her down. McGee walking in Abby's lab "Abs, you wanted to see me? When McGee writes his book, he makes Abby's character the love interest for the Tim character.

McGee doesn't fictionalize anything in his books: he just writes up what he sees as reality and changes the names a bit. When challenged to invent an ending for his draft sequel, to stop a deranged fan from hurting Abby, he decides that the ending is that the Tim character realizes that he loves Amy Abby and cannot live without her. This pleases the deranged fan. It does not please Abby. Gibbs and the team bust in on Landon pointing a gun at Abby. McGee "Landon? Landon, what are you doing?

I have to do this!! Tell him the ending, Agent McGregor. Tell him what happens. Landon, I really do love her! It just took me a while to figure it out.

They set a wedding date yet? McGee is the only one who listened to her story about her apartment flooding and he knew who was on the bowling team with her when no one else did. McGee is the one that puts the fire out and Abby is standing behind him with an arm on his shoulder.

You can tell McGee was protecting Abby from the fire. McGee goes up to Abby's lab to calm her down about Vincetti's lawyers questioning her ballistics work. Abby is in her lab pacing Abby "They are questioning the validity of my ballistics!

Abby tells Kate about the date McGee took her on. They had gone out to Buzzed, a coffee house with a poetry night. During the date, McGee had confessed to.

They're desperate. They're like drowning men grasping I mean, does the saying "grasping at straws" tell you if they are made out of paper, or glass, or metal, or polystyrene? They are hoping you made a mistake but when their ballistics experts don't find any that will make your forensics all the more damning in court. I love you, McGee.

McGee looks confused and surprised. Abby breaks the hug. Not like love you, love you. Not that I don't love you, because I do! McGee still looks confused. You know, like the way I love puppies. She hooks him up to her homemade lie detector and demands to know his name to ensure the lie detector is working. He tells her to stop acting like a Nazi and scratch his nose.

She scratches his nose and then starts to question him again. During this episode Abby is the only one that knows that McGee is worried about his polygraph test because he panics when he takes a test. Panicking on a polygraph test can give false answers. Throughout the episode Abby tries to figure out ways for McGee to get out of taking the polygraph test. While in the bar Abby sits next to McGee. As a comforting measure she periodically rubs his shoulder, arm and back when he gets tense talking to Ziva, Ducky, Palmer and Lee about the polygraph test.

Season 5. When he notices her drinking extra Caf-Pows he says he thought she quit. She says she needs to be at the top of her game because there is a missing baby. He comments that she is going to spend the day in the bathroom and she explains that she is upping her salt intake to retain water. He says 'of course you are. He continually tries to one up Rinnert. When McGee says he can't Abby asks him again and gives him a pouty look. He tells her to pretend that Rinnert isn't there she tries but it doesn't work.

Gibbs says no. McGee confides in Lt. Mann about not liking Rinnert. He tells Lt. Mann assures him that women see right through the false front. Therefore assuring him that Abby is still his. Abby leaves her lab to get the laptop out of evidence lock up and McGee and Rinnet have a Caf-Pow showdown. Abby punches Rinnert after finding out he wiped the laptop clean while she was out of the lab and he is the suspect. McGee looks very pleased and says "Sweet!

DiNozzo spread a rumor stating she got a better job offer and she it taking it Abby does not take the job offer. She never intended to she just wanted dinner at the Ritz. Gibbs sends Abby black roses for solving the case.

DiNozzo says he should have gotten the roses because he solved the case. McGee defends Abby, Abby looks at McGee then at Tony and says "He still loves me" it is unclear if she it talking about Gibbs because he gave her the roses or McGee because he is defending her and she looked at him right before making her comment 5.

She passes tickets out to Ziva, and Tony then walks over to McGee. Then McGee tries to get out of it. I don't. Abby and McGee chat via web com. She smiles flirtatiously. I am dealing with my boat phobia, Tony is dealing with his rat phobia, and Ziva is dealing with her ghost phobia.

When she takes McGee's picture she tells him that he looks "Cute" 5. It is Abby that Tim confides in when his new girlfriend turns out to be a psycho kleptomaniac.

Abby gives him sage advice "Throw her psycho ass in the brig" and reaffirms that she cares "I love you McGee.

Abby and mcgee dating

That should be enough. Abby "McGee. I'm trying to get my blood pumping. What's wrong with you? Still waters, deep. You're hiding something and I seek it. She uh. It's like I'm nuts for this girl, and she's just Arrest her. She admitted everything to me. He's worth billions. She does this for fun. She's been arrested twice, she steals people's money, she buys things.

I kinda dig it. Love is never having to read her her Miranda rights, but she's going to do this to someone else. Throw her psycho ass in the brig. I love you McGee, that should be enough. McGee walks into her lab in the nick of time because Carson one of the boys kept bugging her about her tattoos.

McGee calms Abby down when she gets worried about Gibbs keeping Carson waiting. McGee and Abby talk to Carson about moms and how moms always love their kids no matter what. Maybe a preview of what McGee and Abby would be like as parents. Later on in Abby's lab she is getting frustrated looking through the evidence on a cold case.

McGee and Abby banter about who gets more annoyed and complains more when they have to clean up after another person. McGee "You ever share your personal computer with someone? No, McGee that's worse than sharing your toothbrush.

Taylor on Brian Taylor's hard drive. I have been looking for the same hair sample for like, 20 minutes. You know what my biggest pet peeve is McGee? I mean there is absolutely And nine years ago Metro's so-called forensic scientist, Carolyn Watson, she just goes through the motions.

Assuming that some day some one like me Why do I feel like we've had this conversation before? He looks over his shoulder and smiles at her Just about every time you get assigned a cold case.

You should see yourself when filtering through a perps computer. That's it! You're doing it right now! When Gibbs asks him if she is OK Because she is whispering. She clarifies that she meant she is watching Carson. When he comes back to NCIS, we see that she has her arms draped around his shoulders.

She keeps his head on his 'good' shoulder while they are talking. When he tells her that he really needs his arm to type she whines because she doesn't want to let him go. He looks at her and smiles and asks her if she has anything to do, she says no, not unless McGee can find her some files to go through. She seems very happy that McGee is in her lab with her. Abby "Hey McGee! You know how hard it is to explain technical stuff to him. It's like every time I try and explain something sciencey to him.

His eyes glaze over and gives me that will you shut up and get to the point look. Even Gibbs can understand this. She even checks the dressing to make sure he is OK.

When she opens the back door of the sedan to see the dog McGee gets concerned and tells her to be careful because it is a vicious dog. McGee is the one that calls Abby to find out where she took the dog. He sounds concerned when he asks her where she is. Tim tries to get Abby to let the petty officer take Jethro the dog but Abby won't let him. He keeps giving her pleading looks but you can tell he knows there is nothing he can say or do that will make her give up the dog.

She takes up a collection for Jethro, and forces Tim to donate even though the dog almost killed him. Abby is able to guilt trip and sweet-talk Tim into adopting Jethro the dog.

The look on Tim's face says he knows he is being manipulated; but is helpless to prevent it. Abby has him wrapped around her finger. McGee walks into Abby's lab. He's a distinguished veteran. He deserves to be happy McGee. Sometimes, you have to look at the reality in front of you and just accept it McGee shakes his head 'no' You are taking Jethro.

Accept it. They walk over to the dog McGee, Jethro, shake. Jethro you're gonna have to be the bigger man. The episode phoofs out on McGee looking at Abby with a wrapped-around-her-finger-look on his face. While in the evidence garage McGee and Abby are sitting next to each other.

[ NCIS ] Two Steps Back 15x22 - Abby mentioned Ziva, Kate, Jenny

Abby gets worried about the possibility of Tim dying in Baghdad. He assures he he won't die in Baghdad but that doesn't make her feel any better. McGee "They're gonna send one of us to Iraq. Your gonna get bombed and shot at. Gibbs must have gone to Iraq dozens of time. I just want to go once. To prove myself! Acting Director. Tony says if I really want to go then I shouldn't volunteer, but if he says I shouldn't volunteer then he thinks I will volunteer, which means if I really want to go I shouldn't volunteer.

It sounds like you are doing exactly what you shouldn't" This shows that Abby is more concerned about Tim's safety than anyone else on the team. He is standing next to her. They figure out that there is a sixth victim. Abby stares him down I'm detecting an edge. YOU of all people should know that I thrive in the face of adversity.

I found trace evidence where the blade goes into the handle. Looking through the evidence in her lab he complains that he is going to be there forever. I am going to be here forever. This one She gives him a Caf-Pow has your name all over it. She gets an idea I have a new tactical plan. When Palmer starts talking about his shoe fetish under hypnoses he starts to describe Abby's shoes McGee gives Abby a "I'll-kill-him-if-he-touches-you" look.

McGee is leaning over Abby's shoulder while she works on her computer to try to put a face to Palmer's memory of the person who shot at him. She says she can't tell him. They talk for a few minutes and finally she caves. She makes him pinkie-swear that he won't tell anyone. He figures out how to find the person the director is looking for and Abby calls him a genius. Later on they are both in her lab again It seems like he hung out there most of the day.

Jen calls Abby to get the results. Abby and McGee stand side by side and arm in arm in her lab. McGee tries to slink away but allows Abby to pull her back to stand beside him. She is pacing in front of McGee's desk with a Caf-Pow. McGee is trying to calm her down. When they get the phone call Abby and McGee are standing beside each other, he got up from his desk to stand next to her for support.

Abby and McGee are working in her lab. McGee "Abby I'm almost done here. Where's the next batch? McGee is immediately by her side. He picks up the CDs she dropped. McGee sounds worried "It's OK. It's OK. It's not she wipes her face with her hand we have work to do. A piece of shrapnel lodged in her spine and subsequently paralyzed both of her legs. Terrified he was going to lose her, McGee rushed to the hospital to give his full love and support.

McGee's jealousy was tested when he had to work with Delilah's ex. To get any information out of the steroid-slinging ex, DiNozzo offered to arrange a coffee meeting between Sampson and Delilah, much to McGee's dismay. McGee gave Delilah a key to his apartment. However, something weighed heavy on his heart. Once they were alone in the car, McGee asked Delilah why she hadn't opened up to him.

She acknowledged that she was nervous the conversation would take a toll on their relationship. Delilah's return from Dubai wasn't as romantic as McGee had hoped it would be.

After working hard overseas, Delilah returned to the United States and immediately dove back into her work- without telling her loved ones.

When she arrived at a crime scene McGee and the NCIS team were already checking out, she braced herself for a confrontation.

Once they'd solved the case, the two hashed out their issues. McGee may have been a little protective and concerned for Delilah's safety, but the couple kissed and made up. Later, Tony tricks McGee into confessing to doing some hinky things with Abby, saying it was all her idea. A sexual relationship is implied. Abby tells Kate about the date McGee took her on. They had gone out to Buzzed, a coffee house with a poetry night.

During the date, McGee had confessed to Abby that he really really liked her, to which Abby replied "Thanks" upon not knowing how to respond. McGee had gotten angry at her and the two are currently awkwardly tiptoeing around each other.

McGee is visibly bothered by his 'fight' with Abby and they later make up in the lab after a bit of communal hacking, Abby teasing McGee about hacking faster before she wraps her arms around his shoulders and types with him on the same laptop. He looks up at her and smiles. This is the first time they type together like this. McGee and Abby are arguing over who is going to wake up Gibbs.

Later, Abby and McGee are fiddling with the age progression software in her lab. Abby is impressed with the software and makes an offhand comment on how cute the perpetrator is.

McGee notices and Abby corrects herself that he isn't as cute as McGee and hugs him. McGee says that although he appreciates the hug, he can't concentrate and Abby jokingly backs up to the door of the lab, bumping into Gibbs who yells at them. He tells McGee that if he doesn't get a match within three days he's going to think that McGee's idea was just a ploy to play house with Abby.

After Gibbs storms out Abby and McGee look at each other and smile, amused that Gibbs got so mad at them. By the end, Abby and McGee have completely gotten over their fight from the last episode. Abby gets discouraged while she and McGee are hacking into a computer. McGee lifts her spirits by figuring out they were hacking in the wrong place and starts to geek-speak. The two then are forced to move into Autopsy after Abby's computers overheated due to no AC.

While in Autopsy working on the computers they have a cute conversation about whether or not they are Team McGee or Team Abby. At the end of the episode, McGee gets permanently assigned to Gibbs' team. McGee sends Abby pictures of the crop circles and they discuss whether the crop circles are the work of farmers or aliens. Abby tells McGee to get her 'evidence', and says she will show him her new tatt if he does as she asks, however he does not know the tatt is on her ankle.

Later on in her lab, Abby starts talking about crop circles and aliens while McGee tries to reel her back into reality and talk about the case. Abby tells McGee she is re-running the evidence he brought back for her because she can't find anything. He is worried about her and tells her to go home and get some sleep since she hasn't slept in two days. McGee is lying underneath Abby's desk trying to rewire her computer's hotbox while she sits in her desk chair. The two flirt a bit as Gibbs enters the room, demanding to know what McGee is up to.

While McGee stutters, Abby calmly tells Gibbs about the computer problem and he leaves the lab much to McGee's relief. He notes that if he said that, Gibbs would punch him while Abby notes that's the advantage of being her. She threatens him and voices her jealousy by making smart alec comments while Cluxton is in the lab. Later on Abby is happy to find out that P. Cluxton is a lesbian and her and McGee are just friends. Just before Abby's computer gets hacked she mentions that the dead guy was cute, making McGee jealous.

Her computer then gets hacked and McGee tries to help her stop it but since the virus is moving too fast he can't get it to stop either. Finally Gibbs walks in and pulls the plug on her computer.

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