The Real-Life Partners Of The Grey's Anatomy Cast

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Grey's Anatomy: The Real-Life Partners Revealed - ?OSSA

Last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy saw the divorced pair open the door for a rekindled romance with a sexy hookup while in Montana on a case - where they also met Jackson's estranged father Eric Roberts. While the couple's future is still uncertain, Drew assured fans at PaleyFest on Sunday that Japril will always be together - whether romantically or otherwise. They know each other so well," Drew said during the Grey's Anatomy panel. It's been a big cloud over the character for his entire life, and my entire career playing him," Williams confessed. We were working with a completely different crew, in a completely different set, on location. We were in the mountains," Drew revealed. It was really neat to get the chance to kind of get out of the hospital and follow just one specific story all the way through to the end, because we got the opportunity to really take time to listen.

As her surname suggests, she was the younger half-sister to Meredith and love interest of several characters.

Poor Lexie had an unrequited love for George, a passionate fling with Alex and then a fully-blown relationship with Mark! She even found time for a relationship with Jackson during her time at Seattle Grace. Knight is beloved by fans for playing the role of Dr. He had several relationships on the series, including Meredith and Olivia Harper. Off-screen, Knight is an openly-gay actor who married husband Patrick Leahy in Knight claims he felt he had to make a statement about his sexuality after co-star Isaiah Washington made a homophobic slur about him during an argument with Dempsey.

Jesse Williams Reflects on Jackson & April's Relationship Ahead of Season 15

Washington was later fired from the show and then Knight acknowledged his homosexuality openly. We talked about it. › _grey_anatomy_jesse_williams_sarah_. I find it interesting that Jesse williams is experiencing divorce on screen and in real life. Dating again on screen and in real life. Probably having issues with his. An ated look at the cast of Greys Anatomy and their real life partners. Her most notorious romance is with Preston Burke - together the pair suffer a .. Her on-off relationship with Jackson sees the lovelorn April considering.

Addison Montgomery on Greys Anatomy for two seasons. In fact, her character proved so popular that she left Greys to star in a spin-off medical drama, Private Practicefrom to In reality, Kate married Fox network executive Alex Young inbefore sadly divorcing three years later.

I always knew I wanted to be an actress, but I think I always wanted a quote-unquote normal life.

Fortunately, Walsh has also learnt a lot from her divorce and is now enjoying life as a single woman. Preston Burke.

Grey's Anatomy: April and Jackson's relationship timeline

He and feisty intern Cristina had a dramatic on-off relationship during the series, which eventually ended with him leaving her after their engagement. In reality, Washington has been happily married to his wife Jenisa Garland since The couple have three children together: Isaiah Akin, Thyme, and Iman. The pair are also very active on social media and often post cute snaps of each other on the red carpet.

Owen Hunt.

April had left after the tragic plane crash that claimed the lives of Lexie and Mark. However So, April and Jackson ran off together and eloped. There might be hope for Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and April Kepner that Japril will always be together - whether romantically or otherwise. As for Williams and Drew's relationship in real life, the year-old actor.

His on-screen chemistry with love-interest Cristina Yang made sparks fly and won applause from viewers and critics alike. The couple eventually married but endured a tumultuous relationship which ended in a bittersweet manner after Yang decided to permanently leave Seattle for a job in Switzerland. In reality, actor Kevin has raised a few eyebrows with his own romantic liaisons.

His first marriage to Jane Parker ended in December after seventeen years together. Sarah Drew plays Dr. April Kepner, a resident surgeon at Seattle Grace. Her love life in the series is seriously affected by her religious beliefs - she wants to wait for marriage before having sex but nearly loses it to Alex before finally sealing the deal with Avery.

Her on-off relationship with Jackson sees the lovelorn April considering revirginisation and even getting engaged before she finally elopes with Jackson.

The pair have had a tumultuous relationship over the course of the series, but fans have enjoyed watching their on-screen chemistry together. Off-screen, the drama has continued for Williams - he married Aryn Drake-Lee in but she recently filed for divorce from the actor.

22 Famous Actors Who Dated Their Co-Stars In Real Life

George was married to Miranda Bailey on the series - they got hitched and then enjoyed a honeymoon in the Bahamas. In real life, Jason is happily married to wife Vandana Khanna and the couple now have three children together. He was born in Rome and then raised in Toronto, before gracing our screens in his surgical scrubs. Thank you. According to Sarah Drew who portrays April Kepner in the seriesthe show actually uses bovine organs.

Just so you know, the blood used on the series is a mixture of red jello, real blood and chicken fat. Before his dramatic departure from the show, Rhimes once revealed that Washington took his role extremely seriously and decided to shadow real-life doctors in order to prepare.

He has pulled shifts at hospitals where he follows the surgeons around for 48 hours. Despite the fact that her character Izzie Stevens was extremely popular, Heigl ended up being written out of the show.

And this is before the show was supposed to revolve around Meredith and her life. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Send Email. Facebook 0 Tweet 0 Pin 0 Email 0. James Pickens Jr. Since then he has won multiple awards for his role as Chief Surgeon Richard Webber.

You might watch him every week on Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Jackson Avery, but how much do you really know about actor Jesse Williams in real life? Together, the pair have a daughter, Harriet, together and sadly, they also had a son, who Back in April, Jesse split from his wife, real estate broker Aryn. So are they together in real life? Jackson and April had a daughter together, Harriet, but she wasn't born until after her parents were divorced. Jackson and April, aka "Japril," had one the most tumultuous chemistry on-?screen with Sarah Drew because they were such tight friends in real life. Williams that many fans were against April and Jackson getting together.

Away from the screen, Wilson is hugely protective of her private life. Actress Allen has enjoyed a much less dramatic love life in reality! Off-screen, Dane has been married to American model Rebecca Gayheart since How did the couple manage to weather that particular storm?! Nice one guys.

April and jackson dating in real life

Like her on-screen character, Sarah is a devout Christian. She first appeared in the spin-off Private Practice. After a long absence she returned to her role and is now a series regular. Andrew DeLuca. Scroll down to read five amazing bits of trivia about your favourite medical drama! Shonda Rhimes created the show after a doctor admitted how difficult it was to shave her legs in the hospital shower Yep, the show has some very humble origins!

He loved that on the show "we got to go back in time and be younger but then also deal with some heavy stuff. The reason the character was able to go through with it was because he had April by his side - "his person" - Williams said.

It was also not lost on Williams that many fans were against April and Jackson getting together. In their belief systems and many other ways, so it was clunky," he said.

Season 14 was Drew's final season.

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