Are alex wassabi and laurdiy dating

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we broke up

Another YouTube couple has broken up. In a teary-eyed yet still playful and upbeat video, LaurDIY and Wassabi got into the details of their relationship and why they decided to take a break. So for us to come back better and stronger, we have to take time and focus on ourselves," Riihimaki said. While neither of them are quitting YouTube, both said they need to take some time away from their channels to put themselves back together. We have so much love for each other and our pretttylittlewassabian family, thank you for the best 3 years of my life. We uploaded a message for you, link in bio.

In SeptemberRiihimaki announced her breakup with long-time boyfriend Alex Wassabi. Lovingly known as Laurex, the couple said that the best thing for them was to "take some time apart.

The YouTubestars, who have been dating for about three years, announced the split on. Are alex and justin from 13 reasons why still dating Are laurdiy and alex. Sep 15, - It's A WrapYouTube Couple LaurDIY And Alex Wassabi Call It Quits After . old YouTube videos together or completely erasing each other from their lives. They're still best friends and Alex, 28, said he'll always love her. Sep 16, - LaurDIY and Alex Wassabi just announced they have broken up and our hearts are breaking! In an emotional and tearful video, the longtime couple revealed that they are taking time apart after three years of dating.

While it's clear that LaurDIY has officially moved on, many fans took to the video to comment on their continuing sadness of the Laurex breakup. It may take time for Riihimaki's 8. I just won't be vlogging the relationship.

YouTube Star Announces 'Yes, I'm Dating Someone' . , Riihimaki announced her breakup with long. Sep 20, - Lauren and Alex had been together for three whole years, and they we had a mature conversation and we still love each other," he said. Sep 18, - New Details About Why LaurDIY And Alex Wassabi Broke Up (And Whether Why did LaurDIY and Alex Wassabi break up after almost three years together? In a teary-eyed (yet still playful and upbeat) video, LaurDIY and.

Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access. We uploaded a message for you, link in bio. Despite relationships and especially breakups being such a personal thing, when it comes to YouTubers, "millions of people have shared an intimate glance at the couple for quite some time," Cyber Dating Expert founder Julie Spira told Mashable in June We wish the best for LaurDIY and Wassabi and their futures, which they want fans to remain optimistic about.

Sep 15, - Replying to @AlexWassabi @laurDIY . reason, fast forward 6 years and now we have a beautiful daughter together and he is my husband. Mar 30, - Who is LaurDIY dating? LaurDIY Boyfriend Jeremy Lewis We mean, it was pretty devastating when she split from Alex WassabiOpens in a It's a totally different type of interaction of just a still moment that you're choosing.

There's no resentment, no anger. Micki Spollen is a YourTango editor and entertainment news writer.

Are laurdiy and alex still dating

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