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If Zac Efron has been your celebrity crush since High School Musical premiered in , you might be slightly devastated to know that the actor is rumored to be off the market these days. While nothing has been confirmed yet, many suspect that Zac is currently dating Olympic swimmer Sarah Bro. According to a source from E! News , the two arrived to the fight together and "looked like they were having a great time. While they didn't post anything together, it can be assumed that the attended the event together. Sarah is originally from Denmark, though she now lives in LA.

They were super flirty together in interviews promoting the movie. They posted adorable pics on social media.

However, the relationship was never confirmed. There were flirty comments as well. This led to increasing in dating speculation.

Both were complete fireworks on and off-screen. Then recently, all of it stopped.

The year-old actress has been rumored to be dating her "Baywatch" co-star Zac Efron since the movie’s premiere last summer, as the two have spent a lot of time together both on and off-set.? Zac continued to fuel romance rumors by leaving flirty comments on Alexandra’s. All about Zac Efron's love life, his exes like Vanessa Hudgens, and who he is Zac was suspected to be dating his Baywatch costar Alexandra. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Alexandra Daddario shut down rumors that she's dating Zac Efron once again at a New York City event.

Zac did not comment or liked on her pictures. A lot of rumors said Zac friend-zoned her. Details never came out.

Zac Efron LOVES Lily Collins, Zendaya AND Alexandra Daddario ? Famous Couples We Want

But Duh! Who cares?

They still are amazing when they share the frame. Efron was trained with L. During his workout with Daddario, there were no jaw-dropping transformations seen.

It is a move which works out the transverse abdominis, the deepest abdominal muscles.

Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron's Dogs Might be Dating But They Are Not

This exercise involves twisting to one side while holding a medicine ball. Then pass it to your partner on the other side; this activates the obliques in your side.

Zac Efron released the next episode of Gym Time. Zac was allegedly dating his Baywatch costar, Alexandra Daddario, back in Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario, two beautiful early-thirtysomething actors, were photographed together with their dogs, shopping for pet toys together.? They were also apparently "enjoying themselves, laughing while sitting in traffic in Daddario's white Ford explorer," according.

Efron and Daddario then took it in turns throwing medicine balls to each other. While one laid on the ground, a move which exercises both the upper abs and lower core.

The entire session got very competitive before they retired to the cryosauna. Here, Efron quizzed Daddario on her worst habits and favorite junk foods while she stood in freezing temperatures. Daddario liked the post and responded just the way you do to the guy who has a bigger crush on you than you do on him. Then he went one step further with all the emojis:. This has been going on for some time. Efron and Daddario are Baywatch costars, and over the last year Efron has been regularly liking Daddario's Instagrams.

He's left flirty comments. He posted a flashback thirst image of her in bed from their Baywatch press tour.

Earlier this year, Baywatch co-stars Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron were spotted shopping for pet toys together which sparked intense speculation that the two were dating.? "He was in the market for [a dog], and it’s a big life decision," Daddario tells bapublicidade.com Zac Efron just publicly asked Alexandra Daddario out on a date a doggy date via social media, fueling rumors the two are an item. Alexandra Daddario denied dating Baywatch co-star Zac Efron again on Friday, telling People at a Kleenex Wet Wipes launch party, "We're very good friends.

Maybe this really is just friendly. Or maybe this is just a man trying to make a romance happen, one Instagram like at a time. Daddario hasn't really reciprocated Efron's aggressive Instagram liking on her end.

She does like an occasional Efron 'gram-and more regularly lately, but still not frequently. And she does not post images of Efron unless they're related to Baywatch press Here, a deep dive of the two's Insta relationship. Here's a rare Efron appearance outside of Baywatch on Daddario's 'gram. Around the time Efron posted that birthday tribute, he attended her 32nd birthday party.

He appears in her Instagram of herself blowing out her candles. Oh, and he liked the post, duh.

Are zac efron and alexandra dating

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and for donating to the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation and Nothing But Nets for my birthday It means so much to me!! A post shared by alexandra daddario alexandradaddario on Mar 17, at pm PDT.

He was particularly aggressive during the Baywatch press tour. And Daddario wondered where that dating rumor came from But Daddario isn't liking gratuitous ab shots of him.

And she definitely didn't like this Instagram that sparked rumors Efron was into Rebecca Ferguson:. A pic is worth a thousand words.

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