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Is Deng lun [??] and Yang zi [??] Dating??

Now they are united in a story of self discovery, lost parents, and a battleground for love and work between the young and the old. The veteran actresses might steal the scene with their craft and intensity but we have plenty of sweetness from the main couple. Sweetest smiles. Watch the BTS, guys. Sun Yi, you dirty girl! The girls will split course: One strays away from human goodness guess who? Actress Gou Hong.

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One of his earliest drama with Sun Yi. #DengLun was so young in this remark of the American movie "Love Actually ". Sun Yi, Deng Lun's Because of You broke 3 in ratings at finale night Because of You (?????) stars relatively new faces in Sun Yi and Deng Lun, also NewsFlash: Cdramas Air Dates/Schedule in December Because of Meeting You (?????) starring Deng Lun and Sun Yi. It's too bad #DengLun #SunYi are already dating other ppl. He's dating Gina Jin and.

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By Prettysup Started November 9, By kimlees Started April 22, By NileRose Started December 28, By AlexandraReid Started January 11, By minseojoon Started June 17, Reply to this topic. Recommended Posts. Posted September 3, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted September 4, Is it true?

Posted September 5, Deng Lun joins instagram after Jordan Chan started following the wrong guy. Assuming that it was his official account, Jordan Chan left a comment, "Jia you The innocent mistake has become a popular hashtag on weibo.

He writes, "Have kept everyone waiting for too long, I am finally here. He also cheekily sends a screenshot of it to Jordan Chan to say that it's for real this time. It seems random that these two are friends. One's a year-old Hong Kong actor and singer while the other's a year-old Chinese actor.

Season 5.

Posted September 6, Can someone confirm, he's had four ex-girlfriends? I still like Deng Lun. Saying that his past girlfriends were all dancers, so OP should go learn dancing.

A leaked cover of Marie Claire revealed that Sun Yi and Dong Zi Jian film At Cafe 6) announced that they were dating back in October, After all, Deng Lun was paired with Yang Zi in the first drama of his that when the actress mentioned she was dating someone last bapublicidade.com › /05/07 › breaking-news-sun-yi-.

I look down on him. It doesn't mean that he does not love his hometown OK. Very young modern style tho.

[Deng Lun Eng Sub] View on love interview ???? ?????

Does feel a little shot gunny just cause everything happened so quickly with them. Just hope everything will work out for them in the future. Wowow congrats! Either way. These two make a cute couple! Like Liked by 2 people.

[Breaking News] Sun Yi and Dong Zi Jian Getting Married

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Sun Yi, Deng Lun’s Because of You broke 3 in ratings at finale night

Good luck yangzi!! Go go squid is my current fave I agree with you. As much as the other two have chemistry with Yangzi, Yishan is the closest to her. Their interactions are just too sweet.

I really love them together and they are simply hilarious together. I hope even in another 10 years even they might get together XD Hopefully this delusional fan's heart will be soothed soon though XD.

For me, I hope Deng Lun is or will be her final home sweet home. Just can't get over them no matter what. I love Yang Zi, you can see how she is with the people she worked with!

She also has amazing chemistry with Wallace Huo in Battle of Changsha despite the age gap. Even though they didn't end up together in the Legend of Chusen, I thought she has great chemistry with Li Yifeng too. Rumor are flowing around that they might pair up for a new fantasy drama so I'm pretty excited for that.

Because of You (?????) is an upcoming modern cdrama starring rising faces, Sun Yi and Deng Lun, both were in Fifteen Years of. Sun Yi Dong Zijian broke up with irrefutable evidence, the actor they are found a lot of people are small pa, Deng Lun and Sun Yi locked up. this is an old article when he was dating his ex Gina. Deng Lun joins instagram after Jordan Chan started following the wrong guy .. him when he played that stepbrother role in Fifteen Years for Migratory Birds with Sun Yi.

Luo Yunxi and her have chemistry too. If I wasn't so invested in Xufeng and Jinmi, as well as his character being so unlikable, I would have shipped them lol.

Deng lun and sun yi dating

Overall the girl really does have amazing chemistry with all her co-stars. I'm not surprised though since she's such a lovable person in real life. I've seen a couple of bts clips of hers and she seemed like such a cute, funny girl. I personally like her with Deng Lun a lot. All their bts clips of AOL are so cute and funny. He teased her, she retaliated by beating the crap out of him. I don't know, but Deng Lun just seems to smiled a lot when he's with her compared to his other female co-stars he has worked with.

There's this comfortable vibe about them that I really liked. Too bad due to fanwar we might never get too see them as comfortable as they were with one another again.

Yang zi had perfect chemistry with Den Lung which had me thinking they were the best but her chemistry with Li Xian is also perfect as With Den Lung so i can safely say she is the Goddess of luck for her co stars. I like Yang Zi with Li Xian, they just look good together. Their acting as a couple in go go squid looks natural, even during filming breaks you will see them laughing and playing together.

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