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Fred & Hermione - With me - Fremione

The Proposal of Love and Chaos by unwritt3n xx. Chapter 1 A proposal she can't refuse. The two Gryffindor boys were playing wizards' chess, and you could tell that Ron was winning, since he had a victorious look on his face and Harry, a frustrated one. Even Hermione," said Ron, while nodding towards Hermione. Hermione heard her name and looked up from the book she was reading: Hogwarts: A History.

To him the game sounded promising, especially if it was basically what the title suggested. Hermione confirmed this. It's a bit of a free for all, and someone says, for example 'George, share a secret about your new product range. As I said, it's designed to let you learn more about the people you're playing it with.

Fred and hermione secretly dating fanfiction

Anyone got any questions? Everyone sitting on the rug shook their heads, and quizzing commenced, with Ron asking the first question. She usually kept that a secret, especially from Ron, as she knew he liked her, and she didn't want to hurt him. She had no choice know though, although she didn't have to say anything too specific, thank Merlin. However, Hermione jumped in with a question of her own before any of them could get so much as a syllable out. There's always an owl that comes for Charlie, the same owl, regularly.

And after reading the note, he goes around with a little smile on his face for hours, a proper lovesick fool. It's so sweet.

Fremione eps 1

It leaves most of the Slytherins, Neville, or, and the Weasleys. Look at Hermione's face. Hermione's nose was scrunched up and a look of distaste at the mere idea of her dating a Slytherin. This caused the questions to increase dramatically, as everyone tried to find out which Weasley or Neville she was dating. I have the perfect question. Or, at the very least, it will mean we know whether he's Neville or a Weasley.

It would be much easier if he just owned up, as he's most likely in this room if he's a Weasley, as it's not Bill, and I struggle to imagine Hermione dating Percy. So, Hermione, share a secret about your boyfriend's looks. Ginny knew Hermione, and she knew exactly what Hermione could say, meaning the question was answered but told them nothing. Sure enough, Hermione said it. Don't say you can't work it out.

I know who it is, but, just to help you all, I'll ask the next question. Hermione, share a secret about one hobby of this hot boyfriend. Hermione giggled at Fred, but answered the question readily enough. How is that helpful? He just thanked his lucky stars that she hadn't read any of the letters - particularly the one about the upcoming marriage ceremony - he was not looking forward to talking about that with Molly Weasley.

Ron, who had been rather quiet this whole time, suddenly asked a question.

I love him so much I can't express it. She took a quick glance around the room.

Weasley held onto the table with two hands, her eyes wide, tears glistening in them already. Weasley had a faint furrow in his forehead, as if he were concerned.

George's mouth was open, food dribbling down his chin. Ginny had her face in her hands, shaking her head, and Harry had bent over, pressing his forehead against the table, as if he couldn't bear to watch. And Fred, damn himcaught her gaze and quirked his eyebrow, his mouth in a half-grin. It was a look that plainly said, Well, what the hell do we do now?

George cast furtive glances at Fred and Hermione. And Fred Fred wasn't dating anyone, but Hermione Granger and Fred Weasley? The idea.

She returned her gaze to her long-time friend, still perched on his knee, still looking up at her with those hopeful, puppy-dog, innocent eyes. The smile fell of his face a little, and he tilted his head.

Hermione and Fred have been dating secretly for a year. Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Romance - Hermione G., Fred W. - Chapters: 2. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Hermione G., Fred W. - Words: except that the secret is a little bigger, the revelation is a little more public, I mean, I know we aren't dating, but, well, we've known each other. Hermione and Fred have been secretly dating since the end of her sixth year. This is because Ron thinks that he's 'in love' with her. But when.

I mean, I know we aren't dating, but, well, we've known each other forever anyway and. She was acutely aware of everyone's eyes upon her. She took a deep breath, realizing that he wasn't going to move. I love you like a friend, like a brother, but not in a romantic way. I'm not in love with you. One of these days you're going to find an awesome girl who loves you the way you deserve to be loved. Maybe she's closer than you think.

Maybe you already know her, and just haven't realized it. But I'm not that girl.

She held her breath, watching as his ears and the back of his neck went red, as his hands balled into fists. Ron, I know that I'm not the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with. Trust me. She squeezed her eyes shut. She hadn't wanted to hurt him, but if he was going to be so intolerably thick. She unclasped a silver chain from around her neck, and pulled it out from under her shirt.

She held it out, so that he-and everyone else-could see the diamond and ruby ring that hung on the end of the chain. There was absolute silence in the room.

With an almost scientific curiosity she watched as Ron's entire face got redder than she had ever seen it. Don't push it, don't push it, don't ask me who it is, please, God, don't ask me who it is.

She stood silent, every eye upon her, and Ron's most intently. Her lips were clamped together as she weighed her options. I can just not say anything; I can just get it over with; orwhy the hell am I still up here alone?

She turned, slowly, letting her gaze sweep over every individual. Weasley looked like she was going to faint and Mr. Weasley was rubbing his temples, as if trying to ward off a massive headache. Bill and Charlie were whispering in low voices, their eyes shooting across the table and then to Hermione.

Hermione and Fred have been dating in secret for quite some time now. Hermione had been determined to keep it a secret in order to protect. FredGeorge and Hermione are complete opposites, but this C2 is for people Hermione and Fred have been secretly dating since the end of her sixth year. Charlie was sitting next to Ginny, with Fred opposite Hermione, with dating, Hermione, share a secret about the family of your boyfriend.

Percy had his arms crossed, waiting. Fleur and Penelope were also talking in low voices, while Tonks was watching Hermione with a slight grin on her face and a raised eyebrow.

George was watching his twin very carefully. Harry hadn't picked his head up off of the table yet, still refusing to look, and Ginny was looking straight at Hermione, with an expression that said I told you so. He solved the dilemma for her, by pushing his chair back, swallowing, striding across the room, and sweeping her into a highly thorough snogging.

Percy's mouth dropped open, and Mr.

Weasley just kept rubbing his temples, unable to disguise the smile on his face. Bill made a noise in the back of his throat and shoveled a handful of coins into Charlie's open palm. Hermione and Fred broke the kiss, Hermione relaxing into Fred's warm embrace, and then they both turned to face the entirely red, open-mouthed Ron.

Hermione tilted her head to the side and gave a tiny smile. He gave another strangle cry. His eyes grew wide, as if they were going to pop right out of his head. Hermione rested her head on Fred's chest, closing her eyes.

Bill and Charlie were whispering again. They turned to look at him, Fred with a mischievous grin. Bill hissed and shoveled another handful of coins into his brother's hand, scowling at Charlie's grin. The two eldest brothers exchanged glances and then gave identical, wide-eyed, innocent, Who, me? Hermione sighed. Have we destroyed all your dreams for the future?

Fred and Hermione are coming clean with their relationship. How will the "?Come now. Who would suspect the big secret is just us dating? Summary: Fred and Hermione have kept up a secret relationship for 3 years, and now war is upon them and Fred needs to tie Hermione to him. Hermione Granger gets locked in a closet with Fred Weasley one day during her fifth year. It is not just any old closet at Hogwarts. It likes to hold.

I'm sorry that you wasted an opportunity, but I waited for you.

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