Ella Anderson and Riele Downs Talk All Things 'Henry Danger'

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Every. Single. Time. Henry Says Charlotte’s Name ?? - Henry Danger - Nick

They sat next to each other in math. He started off annoyed at how often she raised her hand to answer a question in geometry. One day he drew the teacher as an obtuse triangle, and she happened to glance over sending her into a fit of laughter. She crosses the finish line and throws her controller up to celebrate before realizing her proximity to her best friend. Everything kinda drowns out between them and Henry just goes for it. Charlotte mutters off something about having to go immediately despite her ride not being here and living 5 miles away.

Surprisingly, her lights are still on. Charlotte pulls her curtain back and becomes self aware of her oversized t-shirt and pulled back hair.

Henry cleared his throat.

I don't need you two dating so you can spend MORE time together!" Now Charlotte and Henry are embarrassed. Charlotte mutters off something about having to.

They sat in silence before Henry broke it. It switched quickly from to When they are alone Henry is very loving and affectionate.

Like if Charlotte is texting, he will wrap his arms around her waist. It may come from his anxiety of being a superhero and his need to hold onto something to keep it. But one day in the lair, when they are practicing take-downs, he notices lingering on the mat. She headed towards the tubes to not risk further embarrassment. On particularly bad nights he will climb through her window and Charlotte will wrap his injuries.

As she placed a small bandage over his split lip one night, she asked, How are you gonna explain this to your parents? He was tired. Charlotte flicked the light switch and grasped his hands as they both drift to sleep.

Chenry Headcannon

But he knows. It fits so well.

The fact that Ray works with teens is so funny because, teens are always just being teens. Hormones etc. I cant imagine how often he walks in on someone making out with someone. View On WordPress.

Just wanted you to know that I love you and I miss you already. I hope you and your dad have a great vacation.

Henry and charlotte dating

You two really deserve it. And you sure know how to keep me on my toes. Call or text when you can or want to but enjoy your time with your dad. Keep reading. Henry Lambert made lists in his head from time to time.

They were always lists of his favorite thing to help get him through particularly rough nights at school or days where he just needed something good to think about. Sometimes, they were lists about his favorite family vacations.

"Chenry" is definitely the biggest ship on Henry Danger, even though Charlotte (?Riele) and Henry (Jace Norman) are just friends. Fans can't get. Read Best Boyfriend and Girlfriend from the story Henry and Charlotte (CHENRY?) by SkyLiece (Sky Liece) with reads. charlottebolton, henryhart, chenry. There has been a lack of interracial dating within television networks I would love to see Charlotte have a stronger bond with Henry or maybe even better.

Other times, the list featured his favorite baked goods. After he started dating Charlotte, the lists started being about her.

(UPDATED: ALL CLIPS) Jace Norman and Riele Downs Haunted House

Today, Henry thought up a list of his five favorite kisses with Charlotte. After six years of working her ass off to get to this place, and another 2 years of working in this firm, Charlotte Verlee had never once come across a client as stubborn as this one.

The wooden table seemed to stretch in between them-too far for her to reach her foot over and kick him in the shin for being a smart-assed, pig-headed, butt-faced asshole.

Charlotte-blonde, thin and drop-dead gorgeous-had never really been intimidated by anyone before, and could take anyone on without a fear of losing. His stupid, moronic client who was just sitting there with a dumb grin on his face, his stupid ink black hair pushed back in a way that made him look younger.

Cooper Barnes, Riele Downs, Sean Ryan Fox. When Charlotte has a dream where she nearly kisses Kid Danger, she actively tries to avoid Henry for fear of the dream coming true. Release Date: 23 March (USA) See more. Charlotte teased Henry about him having a date to Ray and Schwoz. Charlotte was concerned when Henry was blasted by the machine and the effects he would. Henry: I'm gonna get ya (playing a racing game) Charlotte: oh no u won't Henry?: oh no what happened (being sarcastic) Piper: Emily posted this . One day Charlotte and Henry have to lie that there dating but one lie can cause drama!

And before he could even attempt to fix it, the other man was pushing his chair out and casually standing up. He still had that stupid smile on his face as he pulled out a cigar, his eyes never leaving Charlotte as he reached up to stick it in between his lips.

Irritated, Charlotte pushed her own chair out, grabbing her purse, swinging it over her shoulder. When have I ever let you down? He trusted her. Without another word, she stalked to the exit, pulling the heavy oak door open.

Ella Anderson and Riele Downs are the epitome of cool as they enter the press tent at the second annual U. Nickelodeon SlimeFest in Chicago on Saturday June 8rocking neon and silver outfits like it was their job. The Henry Danger stars have charmed fans since the show began inand the sitcom has now bypassed both iCarly and The Thundermans ' episode count, making it the longest-running live-action series in Nickelodeon history.

I Dream Of Danger

Seventeen chatted with the Nick stars about all things Henry Danger - the second half of season 5 premieres June 15 at 8 p. The sure-to-be-unforgettable, hour-long special airs July 27 and will feature 26 original songs.

Frankie Grande, brother of veteran Nickelodeon star, Ariana Grande, will reprise his role as villain Frankini, making it his fourth time on the show. He was previously on two season 3 and one season 4 episodes. Ella and Riele described filming the special as both "crazy" and "wild," and that it took a little over three weeks to complete. Though Riele admitted she had some experience with dancing, she was still in the same boat at her co-star, agreeing that Frankie really helped make the experience memorable instead of chaotic.

So, working with him was really fun. Everyone really pulled out for it. We had a couple days to prepare before the musical episode, and everyone just really worked hard. For current Nick stars, this makes a huge difference on set.

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