House MD Episodes: Season 6 # "Private Lives"

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Wilson On Speed - House M.D.

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Private Lives

He threatens to leave if she chooses it. It's a book of religious sermons. Wilson takes the book and tells Chase not to mention it to anyone. Frankie tells Taylor in jest she hates him for not blogging. However, while she waits for surgery, she starts complaining of pain in her chest and she starts to vomit. Foreman rushes her into the operating room.

They find her appendix has ruptured. The surgeon removes it and the biopsy confirms lymphoma. The burst appendix has spread the cells throughout her body and chemotherapy is not an option. It would also be pointless to replace the valve.

Her only hope is an experimental vaccine treatment to train her immune system to recognize the lymphoma cells as foreign while leaving the healthy cells alone.

However, it is unlikely that she will live more than a year. Frankie agrees to the treatment. Given Frankie's reaction, Chase and Foreman think she might be in denial, which is often the case with a cancer diagnosis. Chase tests his good looks again by asking one of the nurses, Sandy if he can borrow her car.

She gives him the keys. He discusses this with Thirteen - he thinks he's not really connecting with people. Thirteen tells him that the first time she fell in love, it was with a guy thirteen years older than she was who turned out to be a total jerk. She says getting to know people takes time, and you have to take people as they come. Wilson confronts House with the book.

House tries to make excuses, but Wilson sees through them. However, House won't talk about it, although Wilson knows it means something. However, when House comes to work the next morning, he finds his team with a table full of the book he was reading. Chase tells him that Frankie is doing well on treatment and they got the book from the author directly as it's out of print but the author has tons of them. House only wants to know if Chase mentioned him, but Chase hasn't.

Frankie has an adverse reaction. She was running a fever of F because the antibodies from the vaccine set off an autoimmune response. They go to Cuddy who tells them it's not working and they have to stop the vaccine.

House asks about the patient and it turns out she was sleeping during the afternoon. House notes that's unusual, but Chase points out the patient has always stayed up late. House presses for more details and turns to her blog. She commonly posts in the middle of the night. However, six months ago, she was always posting during the daytime.

They think it might be a symptom of day-night reversal and liver disease, which doesn't fit lymphoma. House notes the test doesn't check for lymphoma directly, but only for markers. He wants to do a liver biopsy.

They break the news to Frankie - the lymphoma markers weren't from lymphoma, but indicated granulomas. However, they still can't track down the cause and the prognosis is actually worse - 3 to 4 days unless they can find out the cause of the liver failure.

They realize Frankie has gone past denial to anger. The team is at a loss for a cause. Foreman hopes that the fever wasn't due to the vaccine, but is a symptom of the disease. They start thinking of infectionbut that would mean she was holding something back in her blog.

House orders broad spectrum antibiotics.

The sixth season of House started September 21, with a two hour special. and Taub go to their apartment and Thirteen breaks into a locked drawer. Chase joins House and Wilson in speed dating and because of a. Prior to the speed dating, House and Wilson tease Chase about his good looks. Based in part on reader feedback Frankie wants to go with the plastic valve. House: You mean you're dating on meth? Count me in. Speed dating's a meat market. Wilson: We argue a few times a week, and then we go back about our business. Chase: Wilson seemed to think it was a good idea.

Wilson comes back to House about the sermon book. He hadn't seen the real dust cover and when he does, he recognizes the author - it's the man House pointed out at his father's funeral as the man he thought was his biological father. Wilson wants to know why he didn't just talk to the man. House says he was only mildly curious, not enough to actually talk to him.

Wilson keeps pressing him, but House finally realizes something. He goes to the patient and asks her about her stool : the only thing she didn't talk about in her blog. Chase introduces him as the patient hasn't met him before. She admits her stools float and are soft. However, when she switched to a vegetarian diet, her digestive tract should have gotten more efficient, resulting in more solid stool that sinks. Thirteen realizes Frankie is not properly absorbing nutrients.

I can see it from House's perspective, given his obsession with finding answers and his scientific approach to every problem, but it comes across too much as a way to extend his daddy issues after milking all they could out of the funeral. There were other things going on here too, but nothing all that spectacular. Apart from habit, what's the point? The A. TV Reviews House Season 6.

Zack Handlen. Filed to: TV. Taylor: Let's not get into it right now. We need to get you through surgery. Frankie: I don't want to go in there knowing that you'll stick with me through surgery 'cause that's what good guys do, but once I'm better, you'll be gone. Taylor: Let's not get into it now.

Frankie: No, it's here. Chase and Foreman are there. We had to remove it. Foreman: And the biopsy confirms it was full of abnormal cells consistent with lymphoma. Frankie: I have cancer? Foreman: We've postponed putting in the new valve. Frankie: So I mean, I guess we do, what, chemo and all that stuff? Chase: Yes, but apparently you've had this for some time. When your appendix burst, it was like a dam giving way. The cells went streaming throughout your body. Frankie: So you're saying you'll treat, but you don't expect it to work.

That's why no valve. It's pointless. Foreman: Our dean of medicine has approved an experimental treatment. We use your unique cancer cell signature to create a targeted lymphoma vaccine. Frankie: Okay, so that'll cure me?

Chase: Well, we're not actually sure what it'll do, but the intention is to train your immune system to recognize and kill cells bearing the same malignant signature while leaving healthy cells alone. But, as Dr. Foreman says, it's experimental. Frankie: I see. Taylor: So without it, what kind of time are we talking about? Chase: An exact prognosis is impossible.

Meanwhile, Wilson and House go speed dating, and they meet Chase there as well. House tells Chase he will do well because he's good. Private Lives is a 6th season episode of House which first aired on March 8, ?. House, Wilson and Chase speed dating was hilarious. I loved the moment when Wilson decides not to go with making the book of. "Private Lives" is the fifteenth episode of the sixth season of House. It first aired on March 8, Wilson convinces House to go speed dating along with Chase, who becomes conflicted with the realization that women date him for his looks. Chase.

Taylor: Well, how about a guess? Something, please.

Foreman: Based on people in situations like yours Taylor: Baby, whatever we have to do, we'll do. I can take care of you. I can work from home. Frankie: [to Chase and Foreman] Sounds good. Thank you for letting me know.

We'll start with the treatment whenever it's ready. Foreman: Denial's not unusual for a first reaction. Chase: Or it could be a symptom. Some lymphomas affect cognition. Foreman: If it is denial, she needs time to process. If it's a symptom, hopefully treatment with the vaccine will help. Thirteen: You're a doctor.

She was doing you a favor. Chase: She barely knows me. I've been deluding myself that I'm actually connecting with people. Thirteen: The first person I ever fell in love with turned out to be a total tool. I mean, he came across all funny and charming and thoughtful, but it was an act.

He saw something he wanted, and he knew he had to behave a certain way to get it. In retrospect, the fact that I was 17 and he was 30 should have been a clue. Figuring out who people are takes time. It takes twice as much time if they're trying to impress you. Now I could take from this that anyone who loans me their car has an ulterior motive, or I can accept that it's just a nice thing to do and take people as they come.

Wilson is on the orange couch, reading. The front door opens and shuts. Wilson looks up. He stands as House enters and tosses his backpack. House: Book club. Oprah was going on and on This-this is messed up. House: Patient wrote it. I looked it up. House: [finally serious. Wilson: No, it wasn't. No one you respect would give you this and expect it to be helpful. House: It's a book! Wilson: Of sermons. For anyone else, spiritually enlightening.

For you, it's practically a psychotic break. He leans heavily on the counter. Are you so out of options, you're looking for answers in what you consider irrationality? House: I'm all right. Trust me. Wilson: Are you all right because you're back on Vicodin? House: I said, "trust me. I haven't finished it yet. House enters. Foreman and Taub are at the table, reading copies of the book. Chase is leaning against the wall behind Foreman.

He has a closed copy in his hand. Obviously differs from my own personal beliefs, but if these stories have helped you through some spiritual turmoil - House: Read chapter six, entitled "shut the hell up. And I think it's great that you have been called to witness by the Lord. House: Chapter two, "bite me. Thirteen's giving our patient her third vaccine injection. She's responding well so far.

House: Where'd you get all these copies? It's out of print. Chase: I called the author. He's got cartons of the thing in his basement. House: You called him? What'd you say? Chase: That I knew some people who could benefit spiritually from the book. House: Did you mention me? The monitor alarms are going off. The antibodies tripped her autoimmune response. The vaccine is killing her.

House and the whole team is there. You have to stop the vaccine. House: Sure. Give up. Let her die on schedule. Cuddy: It's better than speeding up the schedule.

How quickly did this come on? Thirteen: She was all right when I woke her this afternoon to give her the second injection. Cuddy: Of the stimulating agent, which, added to the first injection, switched her immune reaction into overdrive. House: Why was she sleeping?

Who can sleep in a hospital during the daytime? Chase: I'm not surprised she's tired. She's always been a night owl.

Just by treating her, we've completely disrupted her schedule. House: Is that what her blog says? She's a night owl? Chase: No, she told me. House: In what tense? Will have been? Chase: I'm not sure. Cuddy: What are you onto? Here's one at A. Foreman: Whatever he's onto doesn't change the fact that she has lymphoma and we gave her a dangerous vaccine.

We need to - House: Six months ago, she's posting in the daytime. Two years ago, daytime. That's her natural rhythm. Taub: Day-night reversal. Chase: Sign of liver disease? House: Which doesn't fit lymphoma. Taub: But we know she has lymphoma. House: We know she has the cell atypia that indicates lymphoma. Biopsy her liver. House turns to Cuddy. You wanna make out? Frankie: But you said my appendix was full of cancer cells.

House and the team take on the case of an avid blogger admitted with sudden bruising and Meanwhile, Chase is coaxed into testing out the dating scene. Okay, that's probably not exactly what went through the minds of the writers of "?Private But then, House's patient issues are all about broad strokes; one of the series' The speed-dating scene is similar to just about every other it was fun seeing Wilson get destroyed by his decency yet again, and House.

Foreman: your appendix was full of cells that showed a lymphocytic atypia. We now think they were a granulomatous buildup from some unknown cause. Frankie: So I'm not dying? Chase: You're actually dying more quickly than we thought. Foreman: Unless we figure out what's causing your liver failure You have three or four days. She tries again. On the third try] Frankie: What the hell do you mean I have three or four days? Taub: We gave her the vaccine, and her fever spiked.

Seems to me - Foreman: Yes, but it persisted after we took her off the vaccine. What if it's a new symptom? House: Okay. So we add fever to cell atypia, coagulopathy, kidney, heart, liver Taub: It has to be an infection. Thirteen: But which one? No one she knows is sick. She hasn't traveled anywhere. There's nothing in the history she gave us. Nothing in her blog.

House: There has to be something unique to this infection. Something about its transmission and the way it manifests. There has to be something she's not telling us. Chase: There isn't. She's told us, and everyone else, everything. House: Start her on broad-spectrum antibiotics. His hands are together, under his mouth, in the traditional prayer pose. The door opens. House: If you're gonna be this way, I'm not gonna invite you to my baptism. Wilson: First time I'd seen the real dust jacket.

Imagine how surprised I was when I recognized him. Your biological father is a minister? House: Natural selection is not an infallible force. Wilson: I don't get it. I mean, okay, he was a friend of the family. You'd only known him when you were a kid. But if you wanted to meet him now, get an idea of what he's like, why not just go talk to him? House: "Hi, it's Greg.

You slept with my mother. House: I was mildly curious. Enough to read a book, not enough to make a phone call. Wilson: Please. You didn't read this. You studied it. All your life, you've thought this [waves the book] was crap. You can't suddenly turn around and-and build a whole new worldview based on crap. House: [As Wilson talks, House has his epiphany. Everybody poops. I read the book in medical school. Sinkers or floaters? Chase: This is the wizard. Frankie: Um Floaters and the first one.

House: You just had to be so swoft. You're a hypocrite. No lies, no secrets, but everything stops at your colon. And I bet yours don't smell at all. Frankie: Nobody wants to hear about that stuff. House: Readers don't. People who don't really care about you don't. But doctors might. The icky stuff changed, right, a few months ago?

Frankie: Well, I became a vegetarian. House: A lot of people misunderstand how a vegetarian diet works. You take in less unusable material, and your waste gets more efficient. Harder and rounder.

Wilson is sleeping with House

Just look at the feces of rabbits. I think I might have some [He starts to look in his pocket. Her system's not retaining the necessary nutrients. House: A G. Infection causes malabsorption, granulomatous buildup of cells. It's not contagious since no one around her got sick - Chase and Thirteen: Whipple's disease.

House: [looking from one to the other] Let's split the credit. Start her on co-trimoxazole. As long as they don't kill us, they keep us safe and warm. I'm gonna be okay? Chase: You'll still need a new heart valve, and you'll be on meds for a few years, but basically, yeah. Your odds are good.

Taylor comes over to hug her. The kiss twice.

Frankie: I think I wanna go with the pig valve. Taylor: [handing her the laptop] I know you'll go crazy if you don't tell people.

"Private Lives"

Frankie: Thank God you're an enabler. Chase and Thirteen are putting on their coats. Lochloosa by Mofro plays in the background. Thirteen: Faces can be distracting, but there's nothing better than looking into someone's eyes and, well, everything that goes with that. Chase: I don't know. People meet, they like something superficial, and then they fill in the blanks with whatever they want to believe.

Thirteen: Why are you so hung up on this? I refuse to believe it's all because you just noticed you have a nice face. You just came off a relationship. You know things go deeper than Is that what this is about?

House chase and wilson go speed dating

You and Cameron? Chase: I was the one that pursued her. Maybe I was just filling in the banks. We were just two people who were in proximity and found each other attractive, and I ne - I never should have Thirteen: Paranoia. You felt something real. So did she. Don't try to take it back now.

As Thirteen heads for the door he looks up. Thirteen: [smiling] No. Wilson joins him] Wilson: Why would it make more sense for you to read your father's book than to go talk with him? House: Can you write a book? So I can stop talking to you?

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