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My boyfriend had been talking about writing a guest blog post for Just A Little Sweat for a while, and on Christmas day, he surprised me with his beautiful and inspiring take on his experience dating someone with Hyperhidrosis. His words mean a lot to me and show me how supportive he is of me and my blog. He also shows support for you, my readers, and that is just as important to me. Sweat pours down my forehead when I eat spicy food. I can easily stop eating spicy food not that easy to give up chicken wings.

They will carry your dinner plate through the buffet line at a wedding reception and pile the food on for you because lines, and handling utensils before and after other people, are a trigger for you. How do I know all of this is possible? July 6, at I love your blog! Would you mind if I shared it on mine?

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Not many people know what it is if they have never dealt with it before. Please give my blog a visit, and let me know of any improvements I can make! It is fairly new, and does not have a ton of content yet, but I would love to hear your input!

July 9, at Love your blog.

And while dating is hard enough, imagine trying to do so with hyperhidrosis. Sweaty hand-holding and facial perspiration is challenging to hide. If your hyperhidrosis affects your hands, dating can be intimidating. How are you Isn't that awesome?) asked me about dating with hyperhidrosis. .. I am only 14 and I've had palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis all of my life. I was late-ish to the dating game due to people always being turned off by my sweaty palms. So I gave up on the idea for quite a while. Wondering if anyone else.

So great to hear of similar experiences. Hi Natalie! Thanks for reading. I do have some yoga socks that I like. July 22, at Great post. July 27, at Thanks for posting. I sweat through everything and I essentially have to wear white everything now.

Been dealing with it for years. I sweat away 4 pounds after running 30 minutes. Finally going to see an endocrinologist then a dermatologist.

My boyfriend had been talking about writing a guest blog post for Just A Little Sweat for a while, and on Christmas day, he surprised me with his. I couldn't date when my friends started to, because not only would I be a larger . immediate success rate for palmar and axiliary hyperhidrosis. I'm seeing someone. It's been several casual dates so far, but things are slowly progressing and I know I won't be able to hide my condition.

Tired of having a torso. Posts like yours make me feel better. Thanks again for sharing. July 30, at I have a question how do you go about just wearing a t-shirt, I have to turn down most offers to go out due to my sweating and am still yet to go out to a club in fearing of sweating and having massive pacths.

Your blog makes me feel a bit more normal, knowing there are other people out there who can help.

Woman's Hands Constantly Drip With Sweat - Embarrassing Bodies - Only Human

Thank you! Hi TB! Thanks for reading my blog. I recommend the Thompson Tee for T-shirts. They are very sweat-friendly. August 9, at Hi Maria, My name is Rick, Im a Masters Design student from Australia and Im doing a research assignment on Hyperhidrosis, for which in the end of the term I need to come up with a design idea products, apps, etc for people suffering from this condition.

I wonder if you could help me understand Hyperhidrosis better in order to find the best design solution for my college assignment. I will need to ask you a few questions soon, nothing very complicated. Kind regards Rick Untura Sydney, Australia. November 3, at Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and thoughts.

It always makes me feel so relieved and happy knowing that there are actually lots of other people experiencing the exact same issues as me. I could relate to almost all your problems! June 2, at I absolutely love this. Thank you for showing me there are others like me.

June 3, at Sometimes it helps if you give a disclaimer about your sweating condition. I remember once when I was in 5th grade I told a boy over the phone that if he decided to hold my hand at the movies, it would be sweaty.

Sharing her experiences with all of you has such a positive impact in her life and outlook on HH. Before this blog, she was afraid of letting anybody know about her condition.

But after writing a couple of entries, she became braver and more inspired.

Caryn once gave me hand lotion that stayed wet for about 5 minutes. In the beginning of our relationship, Caryn kept asking me if her hands grossed me out.

All I would have to do is hold her hand tighter to show that spending time with her was more important than her hands.

Besides, who else could laugh with me when I sweat profusely while eating chicken wings? This honestly is the post I needed to read! I also recently have told my closest friends and family and the support is just amazing! And I now feel like I can finally start living my life after 30 years and not want to hide under a rock. My finance is also very supportive of my condition and we are getting married November 8th which I never thought would happen!

Thanks again for the inspiration. I just want to thank my finance for excepting HH! Hi Stina- Thanks for your comment! Congratulations on your engagement and also for recently telling your friends and family about HH!

But for the segment of the population who suffer from hyperhidrosis, sweaty from excessively sweaty palms - or palmar hyperhidrosis, as it's also Or when your gorgeous date reaches for your hand affectionately, that. I'm thinking more towards Palmar Hyperhidrosis, but if you find it difficult to date with other kinds, please respond as well. How do you do it? It's been a big obstacle, particularly when I was dating in high school and college. Her palmar hyperhidrosis, in particular, makes her life difficult because, as a.

This brings me to tears. I have dealt with HH all my life since I was a child. It never gets easy. There are days that are easier than others. It amazes me how lucky and fortunate you are to meet such an amazing man that truly accepts you and your HH. I have always had a hard time dating and holding hands. The thing that kills me the most are job interviews. I mean the sweat drips like a open faucet.

The first time I accidentally grazed his face with my hand, he didn't cower away or flinch or squirm. He just took my hand. The first time my foot touched his we were sunbathinghe ensued a game of footsies, not paying any mind to the cold sweat I'm sure most people would have recoiled at, unaware of the wave of self-deprecation it causes in the person they're recoiling at.

This wasn't the only reason I fell for him, of course. But it certainly helped, and to this day I am thankful for his existence.

He was the first person who made me feel like it was OK - like I wasn't a ghastly abomination. For the latter two years of high school, and the first year of college, we were this on and off again thing most of the time a non-thing.

But knowing he was there, somewhere, made me feel like there must be other people who wouldn't care about my sweating, even though I still did. The "even though I still did" part of that last sentence was crucial to my decision to get surgery.

No matter how comfortable the aforementioned boy was with my perspiring palms, I never was. I still flinched to be held, even if he didn't. I still hated human contact. I loathed how restricted my clothing options were, because my underarm sweat would drench through even the thickest of pastel-hued fabrics. I detested having to carry Bounty rolls with me; to always put a sheet under my hand in order to write on a piece of paper without soaking it through.

My sophomore year of college, I was just about done with it all. I wanted some kind of permanent solution to this condition that I felt had personally ruined a huge portion of my life. Like most Millennials, I did the only thing my year-old self knew how to do in these situations: I Googled. And I found a surgery: endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy ETS. ETS is a minimally invasive procedure. The surgeon will create two small incisions in both underarms, and use a microscopic camera to find the nerves controlling your hand, underarm and face sweat those nerves live in your chest.

Palmar hyperhidrosis and dating

He will then use his magical tools to either cut or destroy said nerves. In order to do all this and this is the scariest part of the procedureyour lungs need to be collapsed one at a time, depending on the side the surgeon is operating on.

This makes it so that air won't constantly be moving in and out, therefore providing more of a work space, if you will. It takes one to three hours in total, and has about a 99 percent immediate success rate for palmar and axiliary hyperhidrosis. Recovery is fast, and mainly involves one day of feeling like a sumo wrestler has taken shelter upon chest.

The biggest side effect tends to be "compensatory sweating," which means other parts of your body will sweat more to make up for the loss in the hands and underarms.

So all in all, not a bad deal. And a much more realistic solution than the below. Of course remember how I said I was "lucky? We're at a point where people still don't realize the vast psychological hazards hyperhidrosis can have on its sufferers.

We don't realize that depression, anxiety and Anthropophobia can occur when someone lives in fear of touching other human beings - when someone lives in fear of possessing a body that's somehow wrong or broken.

It sounds dramatic, but it's not. Hyperhidrosis is as much an emotional burden as it is a physical one. And yet you still have to pay out of pocket to get it remedied. My luck improved when I realized that being a dual citizen of Colombia and the U. So I found Dr. Turns out that at least in this scenario Colombians are more empathetic to the toils of hyperhidrosis. You still have to pay for the surgery - but the cost is a mere 10 percent of what it is in the U. I was 20 when I traveled down for the procedure.

There was no fear, no anxiety, no stress.

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