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Tickle fights are fun! All the time. Cons: -Cant drive. Working on it -Hopeless Romantic -Uh. How come I can think of more pros than cons? Pros of dating me: Snuggling together Pretty lame jokes The usual shit. Ugh my life is so smooth right now.

Difficulty in balancing work life and social life - This ties in with him being a workaholic, perfectionist and very finicky. Taeyong is a very organised person; he knows how to manage NCT, he can tidy and clean very well, he takes cares of his appearance very well too.

Pros and cons of dating me tumblr

Sometimes you can go a couple weeks without hearing from him, not even a text, which would always upset you and make you shed a few tears at night. Over time and as the relationship develops, Taeyong would probably start to be able to manage different aspects of his life and this would become more of a rarity than a normality.

pros and cons of dating me: pros: you'll be the cute one. cons: holy SHIT where do i begin. Source: meme-mixtape-deactivated , notes. Pros and cons me dating me and text posts tagged home of dating pros and cons of dating me tumblr dating me are pros of dating to tumblr me cons, Dating. Pros/Cons of dating me. Pros: I have hands small enough to retrieve the last few Pringles in the tube for you; Cold? dude just scoop me up for a cuddle.

Your quite little giggles or your funny chuckles or your fits of laughter where you literally cry with laughter, would all be music to his ears. It would mean that there were hardly any awkward silences either, which would be something Yuta hates. It would take a lot to make him jealous like literally sleeping with someone else In addition to not being the jealous type, Yuta would be fiercely loyal and faithful to you. Complimentary - Yuta would totally be the type to not only compliment his partner, but also gush about them to his members.

Pros and Cons (Idol!Jungkook)

All this skin contact would be a bonding experience. It would anger you so much.

Yuta lacked the enthusiasm despite having the ability to solve things. At first, you were okay with the speed but then he started to get too carried away and things seemed to speed up dramatically in just a few months, too fast for your liking.

If they were the accident-prone type, this selflessness would increase dramatically.

Conversations with him would be very eye-opening and mind-provoking - which you would absolutely love. Doyoung would also give a lot of good advice and many words of comfort. You knew you could always go to him for advice, more so that your closest friends or family even if it was complicated. A relationship with Doyoung would be very straightforward and easy. Both of you wanted the same things out of the relationship; you both wanted love, security, stability and the possibility of marriage and children.

r/tumblr: /r/tumblr is your destination for Tumblr related discussions, jokes, screenshots, and more. There were pros and cons to dating an idol. However, there were a few cons to dating an idol. . I have one for all book lovers like me! Pros and cons of dating me. Pro: I'll give you my all, care for you, and always love you. Con: I gave you my all, I forget to care and love myself. #pros of dating.

Expressing your feelings to one another would come easily and simply and any problems would be dealt with maturely in the end and end of reconciliation. There were no problems to loose exes or complicated love history.

Things were relatively simple and natural, leaving you more attention to just focus o none another. Cons: Critical - Doyoung is a bit of a perfectionist and quite intelligent, so I think he has a short fuse and probably criticises people, things and himself a little too harshly.

However it was definitely a weakness of his, and of you relationship, if another person tried chatting him up. It would literally bug you that your boyfriend was too nice and therefore making you unnecessarily jealous.

Other times he can be super stubborn and refuse to make a decision making the whole things way harder than it has to be. Jaehyun would do this more through grand gestures and materialistic gifts, as well as being polite and well-mannered. Humble - Jaehyun, no matter how big he gets, would always stay humble and modest as a person.

Never in a relationship would he let his career get the better of him or overtake his whole life; he literally would dump his career if it meant he got to stay with the love of his life. There were no problems with misreading signals or not understanding what the other wanted; you easily understood and accepted each other views.

But he still managed to accidentally flkrt with other people. Forgetful - Jaehyun just seems like the type to forget important things but always remember the most insignificant pointless things. His forgetfulness might even make him a little insensitive at times; he might start ranting at you or fidgeting with you on a day that also happens to be your birthday.

Easily distracted - Jaehyun seems pretty mature but I think he has the attention span of a child sometimes. Also, his tone of voice would always change when he speaks to you. Family orientated - Honestly, all of the NCT members are family orientated but I think maybe this would be a more prominent trait in WinWin. Cons: Fiercely dependent - His partner would literally be his rock in his life.

WinWin would also be quite clingy and stick to his partner a lot. Sometimes this could aggravate you. But every attempt would just fail like the one before. Oversensitive - I think Sicheng would find it hard to accept criticism off people or something going bad or wrong. His ability to both loud and quiet means he knows exactly when he needs to quieten down or be serious but also, when to turn a little playful and mess around a bit. Best friend-like relationship - Being in a relationship with Mark would be a healthy balance between a love relationship and a best-friend relationship.

Patient - Being an idol can be consistently very stressful and pressurising. But his bundles of patience means he can adapt to suit your pace and comfortableness as need be. He could be snappy and angry by then from the lack of food and relaxation. Altruistic - I think sometimes Mark can be too nice and feels the need to always please others and make sure life is being good to them, all the time. Over-meticulous - Mark probably makes things harder for himself and even more time consuming than they need to be, by making every detail and thing he was working on was spot-on perfect.

Especially if he was around Yuta or Doyoung, Haechan could say some funny things and really make you cry with laughter. His sociableness would help you get out your shelf and boost your confidence.

The pros and cons of dating NCT

His many social links would also make life a little more interesting than usual. Pros of dating me. My type of date.

Pros and cons of dating me. Pros of dating me. Pros and Cons of Dating Me. Pros of dating me: Hard to get rid of Cons of dating me: Hard to get rid of.

Perks of dating me. I have a Canadian citizenship so we can flee america together. Pros of dating me My followers will probably follow you And my netflix is your netflix. Pro's of dating me. I can make you feel better if your sad :D. Pros of dating me: I have a dowry. Thats right marry me and you get my weight worth of tea sets. Pros of Dating Me:.

Pro of Dating Me:.

The Pros and Cons of Dating Smart People - Drew Barth - Dry Bar Comedy

Date me? Dating me:. Pros of dating me: I like to sleep all the time, so like constant snuggles. Pros of Dating me! Thoughts Dating About me pros of dating me morning thoughts.

Round 4. Offering a shoulder to cry on or simply having my arms open for a hug. Cons of Dating Me: Sometimes, I really need a shoulder to cry and a hug and you might have to be there for me.

The pros and cons of dating NCT MASTERLISTTHIS IS A REPOST I know this kind of contradicts my point above, but hear me out lol. Online Dating pros and cons of dating me 50 Dating, Dating Advice For Men, Funny Dating. Visit Perks of dating me - 9GAG 50 Dating, Dating Memes, Dating Advice, Dating . It's All True Blindingpaw funny stuff. Dating a qualitative study of haiti mission trip diary of leading a few pros cons to '?rescue' orphans left behind. Great dating me tumblr text post cheap home.

There are some comedians that have flown under the radar so you might have to introduce them to me.

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