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How to spot a feminist! (ft. Shugs & Fats)

The show stars creators Nadia Manzoor and Radhika Vaz, who combine their individual experiences growing up in conservative Muslim families in a way that seeks to break down negative stereotypes about Hijabi women in a comedic setting. Although the show started in , both women have been performing and writing their own comedy for a number of years. Nadia grew up in London with her Pakistani family, and Radhika traveled all over India living on army bases with her family. At a time when Muslims are being demonized in the political sphere thanks to inconsistent, unintelligent and divisive rhetoric from Donald Trump, we need to see nuanced, balanced and compassionate voices from within Muslim communities speak out and reclaim their own narratives. With roughly 1. Now we perform comedy routines intended to provoke and challenge the ideologies we were raised on. We speak up about how women can and should be in charge of their own destinies.

They wanted to see themselves reflected back in entertainment and have Muslim women given the same equal treatment when it comes to character creation that, for instance, white men easily adopt.

A Muslim Feminist Comedy Series That Tackles Dating, Gay Marriage & Vibrators? Yep.

There is no single, stereotype associated with white men in entertainment, whereas Muslim women are, generally speaking, offered a much narrow narrative to operate out of. Then how are we supposed to know that these people exist? While that is certainly the case for some women, she admits, it is a delicate balance not to swing the complete opposite end of the spectrum, either.

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Shugs and fats speed dating

All Rights Reserved. Through situational comedy, they stumble onto some very real subjects, including sexuality, immigration, body image, and, ultimately, feminism. But, often the way we dress - and our race - can prevent us from connecting with another person. Vaz left a thriving career in advertising, and Manzoor quit a successful job in social work, both hoping to break into comedy.

A Muslim Feminist Comedy Series That Tackles Dating, Gay at the New York City improv school Improvulation and became fast friends. Shugs & Fats: Speed Dating on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more. But now, in the Web series Shugs & Fats, Manzoor and Vaz (who grew up in India) play immigrant Shugs And Fats Go Speed Dating.

They met as teachers at the New York City improv school Improvulation and became fast friends. Two years ago, they were working on their individual projects - Manzoor was writing a book about her experiences as a Muslim Pakistani growing up in the West, and Vaz was working on her stand-up show - when the now-defunct MTV Desi approached them to create a project together.

Comedy Duo Behind 'Shugs & Fats' Web Series Busting Covering a range of topics including speed dating, immigration, patriotism, and With Scott Gorbach, Nadia Parvez Manzoor, Radhika Vaz. Fats is determined to get Shugs married, the fast way! Dating in NYC is hard. There's OK Cupid, there's Tinder, there's Craigslist Missed Connections, but no.

MTV Desi aired five episodes, and at the end of that run, Vaz was hesitant to continue playing a Muslim when she herself is not of the Islamic faith. Today, they fund the project themselves, with some help from friends and family. So, who are Shugs and Fats?

She stressed the importance of their friendship and co-dependence. But, sometimes these pearls of wisdom come about.

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She wants to learn and grow. While the first season was entirely improvised, Vaz and Manzoor decided to try a more scripted version for season 2 and for season 3, which is scheduled to be released in January Watch the trailer here. Both she and Vaz describe the upcoming episodes as more hard-hitting, with a clear political agenda that tackles feminism, gay marriage, periods, prostitution, and naturalization.

Shugs & Fats watch 50 Shades of Grey and make some startling discoveries about SPEED DATING Fats is determined to get Shugs married, the fast way!

They're trying to keep the momentum going with a fourth season in the works and - dream! An episode where finding your definition of feminism becomes a trip t.

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