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Zac Efron Dating Timeline - Episode 09

With the massive success of the Disney Channel original movie High School Musical , which was directed by Kenny Ortega and released in , the off-screen relationship between co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron became one of the highest-profile celebrity romances in all of Hollywood. The High School Musical franchise propelled the careers of nearly everyone involved. As Gabriella and Troy find themselves auditioning to be part of the musical that their high school is preparing for, they also find love, on and off-screen. It may sound too good to be true, but the truth is that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens actually met for the first time ever in , while auditioning for High School Musical. According to Zac , he was dropped off by his mother at the audition and, as he walked in, he found that there were at least 40 other male actors auditioning for the role of Troy Bolton. In the audition room, Zac and all of the other boys were asked to dance, sing, and run through lines.

Having a partner at her side made navigating her meteoric rise to fame a little easier to handle, Hudgens would later admit. News at the time. When you don't have face-to-face time, it's just different.

Vanessa hudgens and zac efron dating timeline

Having an iPhone helped, but it just wasn't the same. But while there may have been no hard feelings, there's also little nostalgia between the pair. Asked if they'd kept in touch Hudgens, now dating actor Austin Butlertold Access Hollywood"I completely lost contact with him. As one does in the happiest place on earth. Though the chemistry ultimately fizzled, their friendship remained, thankfully making it not awkward at all for them to play at being lovers in the Netflix biopic.

News of filming alongside Efron. I was like, I really need to step up my game.

Vanessa Hudgens recently called boyfriend Austin Butler her 'rock' Hudgens had just begun dating ex-boyfriend Zac Efron at that time, but.

Lily is killing it. Her friends love him and say he is so sweet. He's really good to her.

That's amore? The unlikely pair shocked fans when photographs were released of them indulging in a steamy make out session during a July vacation on the Italian island of Sardinia. But insiders swore the coupling wasn't all that surprising.

Zac likes the fact that she is laid-back and he can relate to her. They understand one another. By the next month, the duo's fling was all washed up. I've got lots of really great friends, but the thought of being in a long-lasting relationship?


Psh, I couldn't last more than six months with somebody. For Efron, the end of the summer season brought with it a hot new romance. I think that you have to take that [kind of attention] with a grain of salt, and put yourself in other people's positions," she told Elle in March It kind of just comes with the territory, and I know there's no really changing that, so you have to just embrace it I'm not trying to hide anything in my life.

Vanessa Hudgens. Save for a high school girlfriend Efron briefly mentioned in a interview with , his onscreen High School. Vanessa Hudgens opened up about a topic she rarely talks about: her relationship with Zac Efron, her ?High School Musical ?co-star who she. Zac Efron's dating roster is a who's who of Hollywood's leading starlets, including Vanessa Hudgens, Lily Collins and Michelle Rodriguez.

If I was dating someone who wasn't in the limelight, I might have more photos on [Instagram] of our relationship, but I do think it's important. I mean, it's what is going on in my life, and I think that my social media can still represent that. But come by the following April, "the spark had died," one insider told E! News at the time, explaining why Efron decided to end things with the year-old.

Distance and work schedules got in the way with their relationship and Zac wanted to focus on his career. Not long after Efron declared his intentions to get serious about his dating life in an interview with Cosmopolitanfans began speculating he'd already settled on his next mate: True Detective alum Daddario, his costar in 's sudsy Baywatch remake.

The year-old sorta kinda shot down the rumors while speaking to E! News' Jason Kennedy at the Billboard Music Awards, saying, "We work together closely; he's my love interest in the film.

I understand why people would go crazy over something like that, but Zac and I are very good friends. While it remains to be seen if Efron will continue keeping pace with Bro, the native of Copenhagen does appear to share a few hobbies in common with the avid surfer. As one might expect of a professional swimmer, her Instagram feed is filled with photos of her poolside, hanging out at various beaches and cross-training with yoga, boxing and weights. He lived a more normal life than I did growing up, so he's a great barometer for me.

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Here's a look back at Zac's extensive dating history:. Of course, I don't have to remind you that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens dated for 5 years back in the early s.

Vanessa anne hudgens dating history

The pair met on the set of High School Musical when they were just teenagers, but ended things in December Since then, the two have "completely lost contact," which is so unfortunate because I was still holding out hopes that Troy and Gabriella were IRL endgame. VanessaHudgens mentions how she lost contact with Zac Efron. Even though the two don't speak as much, there's no hard feelings.

Vanessa Hudgens New Boyfriend Zac Efron-Vanessa Hudgens And Zac Efron Dating.

Vanessa recently commented how grateful she was to have dated Zac Efron when she did. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Awards Chatter PodcastVanessa said that the relationship helped her deal with her sudden rise to stardom.

Here's a complete breakdown of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens' rocky romance. known together as Zanessa - were the golden couple. . The exact timeline as to when Zac and Vanessa became official has remained a. All about Zac Efron's love life, his exes like Vanessa Hudgens, and who he is currently going out with. Is Zac Efron currently dating anyone? Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: A Look Back At Their Relationship. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens in.

Though their relationship eventually ended, Vanessa said there was instant chemistry when she first met Zac. Vanessa's moved on to boyfriend, Austin Butler, and Zac's doing his own thing, but at least, we can rewatch HSM movies to relive those cute Troy and Gabriella days. While Lily and Zac are hanging out a lot these days in order to promote their new film, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vilewhere Zac plays infamous serial killer Ted Bundythe two actually dated on and off between and Though the relationship was never officially confirmed, they were often seen together, holding hands at Disneylandand even spending Valentine's Day together in Zac and Halston met on the set of Neighbors who needs a dating ap when you can meet girlfriends on your movie sets?

Their relationship was never confirmed, but they were once spotted flirting at a Lakers game together. The two were absolutely adorable together, and Sami shared a lot of their relationship on social media.

The two broke up inafter about two years of dating.

Zac deleted all of his pics with Sami off his Instagram and even unfollowed her, leaving many to think the relationship didn't end on the best terms. Another movie, another romance. Zac was suspected to be dating his Baywatch costar Alexandra Daddario back in

When a reporter pointed out to Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens that they While this timeline is considered precise according to several. zac efron and vanessa hudgens latest news. Bride, be proven, vanessa hudgens' beauty inspiration for years ago, works timeline i will freely admit: zac efron anne dating timeline of their relationship history.
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