Rachel and Ross Relationship Timeline: How the 'Friends' Characters End up Together

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Ross & Rachel - The Complete Story - The Original Version

There are a lot of important elements that make Friends the ten years of excellent TV it really is, but there's one common thread that runs through it all: Friends ' central couple Ross and Rachel. From the pilot episode to the series finale, their relationship is a major plotline - even in the episodes where it feels like it isn't. And, recently, while re-watching the painfully awkward episodes where Joey and Rachel date which never should have happened, TBH in Season 10, I realized that Ross mentions, "We haven't been a couple in six years. They may not have been in a formal relationship that long, but they're always "together. And this timeline of Ross and Rachel's relationship will prove it. They were meant to be since they were teenagers - how many people can say that?

After leaving college, Ross married Carol, whom he had met at college, and had seemingly put his feelings for Rachel aside before he met her again in The Pilot. In the Season 1 finale, Ross has to go to China for his work so he asks Chandler to give Rachel a present on her birthday which he had bought for her. Chandler does give the present to Rachel during her birthday celebration while Ross is in China but also accidentally reveals Ross's feelings for Rachel, prompting Rachel to panic and start thinking about Ross in a romantic way.

After Ross arrives back from China, Rachel goes to the airport to receive him on realising that she likes him, but she sees him with Julie and reluctantly backs off. In Season 2 episode The One Where Ross Finds OutRachel is on a date with a guy when she confesses to Ross over the phone in a drunken state that she had feelings for him but now she is over him.

Ross hears this message the next day at Monica's apartment with Rachel begging him not to check his messages.

Later, in the same episode they share a passionate kiss at the doors of Central Perk. Later he breaks up with Julie but Rachel decides she doesn't want to be with him after finding out that he had made a list, on the insistence of Chandler, comparing the good and bad qualities about her and Julie. The two begin dating each other only from Episode 15 of Season 2 after in the earlier episode The One with the Prom Video it is revealed that Ross, despite being two years senior to Rachel, had decided to be her date on her and Monica's prom, as Rachel's date had not arrived, only to be left disappointed as her date arrives and they both along with Monica and her date take off for the prom.

Touched by this, Rachel kisses Ross on learning this revelation. However, they take a break from their relationship on their one-year anniversary together.

The One Where Ross And Rachel You Know

That same night, Ross has a one-night stand with Chloe, which officially ends their relationship. They get together again at the end of Season 3 but again break up at the start of Season 4.

Some of the later episodes show them to be still in love with each other such as when Ross cancels his Discovery channel show appearance to be with Rachel when she breaks her rib or when Rachel flies to London to tell Ross before his wedding with Emily, that she's still in love with him, only to realize that it would be better not to tell.

Ross and Rachel also marry each other after getting heavily drunk in Las Vegas. This marriage ends in a divorce after a failed application for an annulment. In the 7th-season premiere, after the news of Monica and Chandler's engagement, a passionate moment between them leads to Ross and Rachel kissing. In beginning of season 8, it is revealed on the day of Monica and Chandler's wedding that Rachel is pregnant, with the father unknown to everyone but her.

In the season 8 finale, Ross's daughter with Rachel named Emma Geller-Green is born, as a result of their one night stand prior to Chandler and Monica's wedding. In the final episode of the show, when Rachel is moving to Paris for her job with a new fashion brand, Ross tells her at the airport that he loves her and asks not to leave.

Rachel initially doesn't heed his feelings, but when the plane is about to take off, she realizes that she loves him too and gets off the plane. They profess their love for each other and decide to be together once and for all. In the pilot episode of the spin-off series Joeyit is mentioned that Ross and Rachel eventually re-married. In the very first episode, Carol has just moved out of their apartment after coming out of the closet as a lesbian and leaving Ross for a woman named Susan Bunch, whom she later marries.

In the early days, however, Ross and Carol seemed to have had a very passionate relationship. Carol is the only woman he's ever had sex with and hence lost his virginity to at the start of the series. It is also revealed they shared a steamy session at Disneyland behind the "Dutch children" in It's a Small Worldwhich got them a lifetime ban from the theme park.

In the third season episode, "The One with the Flashback", it is revealed that Carol met Susan at her gym, and it is implied that they had a short affair before Carol could no longer bring herself to cheat on Ross, who innocently believed they were just friends, and told him the truth.

Ross maintains a fairly healthy relationship with Carol after their divorce and both decide to raise Ben together through shared parentingbut he doesn't hide his contempt for Susan as he believes she destroyed their marriage and since she initially wanted to keep him out of Ben's life, having once told him to his face that the baby was not his anymore.

He briefly considers getting back together with Carol and they even share a kiss at a sushi restaurant, but Carol makes it clear that she can't reciprocate his feelings and has chosen to be with Susan.

Friends - Ross and Rachel First Kiss

Carol's lack of romantic feelings towards Ross is reinforced in the alternate timeline episode "The One that Could have Been" season 6. Exploring what could have happened if Ross and Carol never got divorced, it is revealed that they have been on a sexual dry spell that has lasted for months.

Carol is very excited when Ross proposes they have a threesome with another woman. Picking Susan, whom she met at her gym just like in the real timeline, the two girls end up mostly having sex without Ross.

He explains to Joey that he felt like a third wheel and ended up being so bored he made himself a sandwich. Ross realizes his wife is a lesbian when Rachel's "could have been" character states outright that Carol "sounds gay. Six weeks into their relationship, Ross spontaneously asks Emily to move in with him. This escalates into a marriage proposal.

Chandler and Joey have new lazy chairs and do not want to get up from Meanwhile, Ross and Rachel have returned from their first date, a movie. They start making out, and Rachel doesn't laugh because "this time it's not so funny". Ah, Ross and Rachel. Rachel and Ross. Truly the Romeo and Juliet of our times, except in New York, and both are alive for the end. Friends/NBC. They were the. 18 Years Ago, Ross and Rachel First Kissed on Friends Schwimmer) his romantic feelings were requited, but soon discovered he was dating.

The two plan a wedding in Londonto which Rachel is invited. During the ceremony, Ross, upon seeing Rachel, has a slip of the tongue and says Rachel's name instead of Emily's during his vows. Emily is furious and exits her own wedding. Later, however, she decides to forgive Ross, and reaches the airport in time to leave for their honeymoon, but is upset when she sees Ross and Rachel boarding the plane together after Ross, having given up on meeting Emily at the airport, invites Rachel on their honeymoon as friend.

His attraction to her is established early on; Ross met Rachel through his In the Season 1 finale, Ross has to go to China for his work so he The two begin dating each other only from Episode 15 of Season 2. And this timeline of Ross and Rachel's relationship will prove it. And, now that the show has been over for a long time, I can only imagine He totally screws it up when Rachel finds out he actually made a pro/con list to dating her or gives birth when Ross wanted to ask her to start things back up again. READ MORE: Friends: How many times did Ross get married? But Rachel's date turned up at the last minute, leaving Ross looking dejected.

She flees again, and Ross unsuccessfully tries to follow her, and Rachel ends up going on the honeymoon alone. Emily, later, calls Ross only to confront him by saying that he has to stop calling and harassing her relatives, but Ross makes her reveal her love for him. She said that she will return only if Ross stops being friends with Rachel. Unable to do so, Ross ends his marriage with Emily.

For turning notifications on or off on Google Chrome and Android click herefor Firefox click herefor Safari click here and for Microsoft's Edge click here. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. Close Share options. However, he had no right to hide it from her. He only told her about it after she confronted him about bringing a strange woman home.

To make it worse, he yelled at her when she pushed the issue. Ross acted like Rachel had done something wrong.

He said he was taking care of their baby while she was out at bars, but that wasn't true. She was single and could give out her number if she wanted. Rachel made both the right and wrong moves when it came to Ross and Emily's wedding.

She was right to initially not go, but she was wrong to fly to London after realizing that she still loved him. She was right not to tell him how she felt after seeing him with Emily, but she was wrong to reconsider after he said her name.

However, he and Emily still got married. There were signs she shouldn't say anything before she even reached London. She needed to use multiple credit cards to pay for the plane ticket, she had to return home for her passport, and the stranger next to her on the plane told her not to say anything. After Ross kissed Rachel while he was still with Julie, he wrote up a pros and cons list about both. For Rachel's cons, Ross said she was " spoiled ," " ditsy ," " too into her looks, " and " just a waitress.

Ross tried to hide it from Rachel, but she read it. Rather than apologize immediately and excessively, Ross said Chandler left out "a little " before " spoiled. As the years went by, however, he turned it into a joke, which never should have happened. After all, his past actions led to his and Rachel's breakup. After Chandler proposed as an apology, Ross jokingly did the same to Rachel for that time they " were on a break.

Then, after Rachel got off a plane and decided not to go to Paris for him, he joked again. She focused on the two of them having a future, and he agreed it was the two of them - unless they were on a break. At Ross and Emily's wedding, he said Rachel's name instead of Emily's. Despite that, Emily still married him. However, she then disappeared, and he ran around looking for her.

When it didn't look like she was going to show up for their honeymoon flight, Ross invited Rachel to join him. After saying Rachel's name and given their history, how could he think that was a good idea? Both were in the wrong.

There is no such thing as going on a vacation that was supposed to be a honeymoon with a friend when that friend is an ex. After Ross said Rachel's name at their wedding, Emily stayed in London. He kept trying to get in touch with her and insisted he wanted to make their relationship work. Emily finally agreed, but she didn't want him to be friends with Rachel anymore. He actually agreed to that condition, but it took him a while to tell Rachel. Though he ended up refusing to follow through with it, he did still agree to do so.

Why wasn't this a bigger deal to Rachel? It seemed like as soon as Emily was out of the picture, no one remembered this. Rachel had plenty of opportunities to be with Ross when he was single. However, for the most part, she kept wanting to be with him when he was with someone else. She realized she still had feelings for him when he was with Bonnie at the end of season 3. Then, when he was marrying Emily, she considered stopping the wedding to tell him how she felt.

When did ross and rachel start dating

This wouldn't have been so noticeable if not for the years between when they were last together and last spoke about feelings for each other and their reunion. Rachel broke up with Ross because he was with someone else the same night she proposed they take a break. However, she didn't have a problem with him cheating on his girlfriend as long as he was cheating with her.

She kissed him when he was with Julie before they ever dated. Then, when he was with Bonnie, she kissed him and told him she still had feelings for him.

On Friends, Rachel and Ross' dating relationship doesn't last long. her date bailed on her - Rachel realizes that Ross would do anything for her. her co-?worker, Mark starts to get in the way of her and Ross' relationship. Ross and Rachel were the main couple on Friends, but there were more than a few problems with Click the button below to start this article in quick view She presumably didn't expect anything to come of a date, but it did. Prior to becoming a couple, Ross and Rachel were close friends, often . likes her back, his marriage has only just ended so he is not ready to start dating yet.

She even wanted him to spend the night with her instead of returning to the room he was sharing with Bonnie. Though they were just friends and therefore could date whomever they wanted, Rachel was against Ross dating her sister.

She tried to stop it from ever happening, and then once they were dating, she told Ross to end it. He agreed, and she made him do it as soon as possible.

While dating Rachel's sister was weird on Ross' part, Rachel got a bit too involved. She even spied on them from Monica and Chandler's apartment. Ross and Jill were both adults and could date if they chose to do. It was inevitable that Ross and Rachel would get back together after they broke up. However, it was hard to root for that because they weren't great friends to one another. It was rare that fans saw Rachel and Ross just being friends with one another without their romantic feelings hanging over them.

For example, Ross kept a man's message from Rachel when it had been years since they'd been together. It was even worse when it was Rachel, his girlfriend. When he gave a speech at a conference in Barbados, Rachel laughed along with Joey at parts of it.

Why didn't Friends show that Rachel cared about him as a friend by having her sit quietly during his speech? It was even worse when they were dating and Rachel took too long getting ready for Ross' museum function. He was rude to her, but she should have had an outfit picked out before that evening since she knew how important it was for him.

Ross had feelings for Rachel since they were younger, which was supposed to be romantic. However, did he really know her well enough at that time to love her? He still had feelings for her when she first moved in with Monica.

Did he get to know her then? It seemed like he thought he loved her before, and when he saw her again, he figured he felt the same. The same can be said for Rachel. Did she really get to know him that well before she decided that she had feelings for him? Their history didn't just affect their relationship. Rachel tried to move faster with Joshua because Ross was marrying Emily, which resulted in Joshua breaking up with her. Rachel and Gavin couldn't work out because she was in the middle of a complicated situation with Ross.

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