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Law aaa auto insurance boulder co prophet

AAA doesn't pay part 1

The company sells both auto and home insurance, and is available through dedicated AAA agents. Unlike most insurance companies, AAA insurance limits the policies they write to members of the auto club. I have been insured with them for 50 years and never filed a claim. For first time in 40 years of coverage they came to my house and took pictures. Then they decided not to renew the policy because I live on a greenbelt with some brush.

The insurance rates are also near about the same. So, it is convenient for you to pick this used vehicle from either of the two cities your first choice should be Boulder, followed by Fort Collins.

It is going to be really expensive if you purchase this car from Springs or even Aurora for that matter. The insurance rate is Springs is not even much lower when compared to Aurora. If you are a resident of Aurora and Springs, however, you should definitely look for the car in either Boulder or Fort Collins to save some money.

Compare Quotes from Top Providers and Save now! National General. Boulder Car Insurance by Segment. Sugarloaf, CO. Niwot, CO.

I finally decided to see what else was out there, and I gave them one last opportunity to give me a break, but they seemed When my account was drafted for the last premium after my cancellation that I tried to stop when I changed companiesI learned that my policy hadn't been canceled yet and that my agent couldn't do it, so I had to call someone in another city to get them to do it so that I could be refunded. The person I called was obviously disgusted and displeased at even hearing my voice.

I found out he was my agent's supervisor and he was the absolute rudest person I've dealt with thus far. After I finally straightened out the problem, he didn't even call me back. He never tried to save a customer. It was seriously like they were glad to let me go. I guess I am bitter about the lack of customer service with this company. It didn't use to be this way. I always loved the AAA office because the people were so friendly and ready to help.

The toll free number was a delight to call because they were knowledgeable and friendly. Now, not only do they not know what they're talking about, they are abrupt and rude, as well. It makes me very sad to see what was once a great company with great customer service go downhill so fast. I strongly recommend thinking twice before obtaining coverage here.

14 reviews of AAA Colorado - Boulder Store "I am not sure if this is the correct AAA site for my recent We used the AAA car buying service with Peter West. Choose AAA Insurance, with years of experience and stability behind every policy. See AAA Auto Insurance, AAA Home Insurance and AAA Life Insurance. Reviews on Car Insurance in Boulder, CO - Tammy Sandoval - State Farm Insurance Agent, Joe Chrisman - State Farm Insurance Agent, AAA Colorado.

Do not get insurance with AAA. They are a corrupt company. The day after Christmas, they notified my mother they were dropping her insurance because she made too many claims. A drunk driver totaled her vehicle, she hit a wild animal, and she made a claim for minor damage caused by running into a concrete block in a parking lot, but these were all spread over four years.

Evidently, AAA expects its members to pay without making claims. When she asked the agent why she was being penalized for the drunk driving incident the most recent claimthe agent replied that "Any time you make a claim, whether it is your fault or not, you will be penalized.

I am dropping my AAA roadside assistance, but I will never affiliate with them in any way. DO NOT get auto or homeowner's insurance with this company. Read the other reviews. Sounds like this is a common practice. From the get go, my Husband and I were treated like scum. He was abrupt, smug and unwilling to hear us out. I even went into the office when the original issue occurred in October of to have all of our policies reinstated. Less than a month later the policy unbeknownst to us was canceled again as Jennifer failed to file the appropriate form with the underwriter to reinstate the renters policy.

An email was received in Augustafter I had to contact her again wanting to know if the changes had been made and at no time did she mention that I no longer had a current renters policy. Had I been made aware of the situation in more than a year before my claim in November ofI certainly would have taken the steps to resolve the matter and have the policy reinstated.

No communication was made on their behalf to alert me to the issue. Filed a claim. AAA sent out field agent.

Quickly sent out check before damage could even be assessed. My complaints were never addressed and AAA sent letters from their lawyer saying they would not pay. Their actions were in violation of California insurance code. Stay clear if AAA. The car was parked and hit in the parking lot by an AAA Insured driver. Fortunately the driver left a note saying he did the damage. It took them almost a week to even send an adjuster.

Adjuster said he couldn't appraise the mechanical damage. Repair shop quoted the damage and repaired the car. AAA denied the claim stating a Honda withmiles was worn out anyway. It's time for a lawyer. Just hope you never get hit by an AAA customer.

I'm a claimant, not an AAA customer. I wish there was a way to give them less than one star. Even my own insurance, Progressive, covered up their offenses by erasing my complaint at CHP I filed a federal complaint against more than 30 persons.

You can read it by searching by google granier vs ladd, A lot of time lost, waste to fight those FuBa, even protected by California Department of Insurance, Dave Jones its commissioner and the governor, Jerry Brown. California means Banana Republic. Not a state of United States Unbelievable, and the customer service has been so rude to them, trying to pinch a penny anyway they can. Im discusted they can treat a 91 year old vet and his wife this way, alomost as if they are taking advantage of them due to their age!

Sorry but I have farmers and they paid for everything knowing how stressed we were. I had auto and home insurance with AAA two years; I just terminated now because they had a cheating business to customer. Louis MO sent two adjusters to my house, they picked up the damages incompletely and selectively, want to make cast of repair just less than deductible. I complained after received the estimate, then AAA sent an engineer out inspected again and found some hail damages that the adjusters did not select in.

Louis, MO said all the damages the engineer verified are included on the estimate. How included? Some damages did not pick up when wrote the estimate. Did the estimate include found damage and un-found damage?

They are cheating. No credit to the team. We are long term AAA customers. Bathroom flooded which caused a lot of damage and they would not cover it. They are good at taking premiums. After that their claims specialists and adjusters are trained to deny claims so their adjusters can take home bonuses. Their adjusters are rotten and blatantly lie in order to deny a claim. They turn hostile, when it comes time to help the insured.

AAA Colorado Reviews

Had a leak June 2, Took AAA a 4 day to start drying wrong area. Kitchen covered in mold. And now has to be replaced. The sent check for 17, Contains manipulation Leaving less than Talked to another woman who has same insurance and kitchen flood and not paid enough.

If AAA had done the dry out right this would never would have needed kitchen. It is not worth the Someone had a flood 2 weeks after us, her work is done, as the paid They are taking advantage of seniors.

You get what you pay for - Low cost insurance gets you bad customer service and a substandard claims department.

AAA Colorado Office Locations travel store, and let our friendly staff help you with travel, insurance and car buying. 28th St #, Boulder CO Reviews on Aaa Travel Agency in Boulder, CO - AAA Colorado - Boulder Store, AAA Colorado - North Whether you're looking for auto insurance, read more . Find AAA AAA Boulder Store address, hours, phone number, and services staff is here to help you with your insurance, travel and auto buying needs.

Stupid stupid claims people who do not even research a claim and try to cover up their mistakes. I was told this was a good insurance company so I checked into it i have been very happy and satisfied with triple a auto insurance for many years. I find AAA car insurance to be the lowest insurance for a car then any other, i have tried to find a company that was cheaper then this one and have had noo luck. So i guess this is the best one for me any way.

A south Kansas City couple experienced the gut-wrenching loss of their daughter in a January 4, fire. How did the fourth largest homeowner insurance company in Missouri miss the size of this house by almost 4, square feet? At one point after the fire AAA told Rick Herrera that it used the company Zillow to determine the square footage, but in a letter to the Missouri Department of. Drew Higgins was handling my claim. I said, can you transfer manager.

I call every time they give me different answering me. I have AAA club card but I cancel it right now. I have been with AAA for over 10 years. Never submitting a claim. On time payments, a model customer by their standards. Every year I would get a policy renewal sent to me with what that years policy will cost. I called and talked to a AAA rep, She told me that due to claims made and medical costs being paid out to other AAA members rates are going up for the year and all AAA members have to take a hit and thats the nature of the business I am so irritated right now and plan on replacing AAA before this policy starts at the begining of the yaer!!!!

I will tell everyone I know about their unfair practices and scams to have other people to pay out their claims and even everyone I dont, starting here! The response time and customer service is exceptional. They take the time to listen and work to find the best possible option.

Insurance adjuster a total Tool. Had a contractor tell me to beware they were going to deny my claim even though there was plenty if wind and damage to my.

Were down grading my damage because they thought I would just stand by and not contest his findings. Adjuster did sloppy work. Best advice us to get your own adjuster to check you're property this insurance company is out for profits nit to be trusted. Ni communication from adjuster until I. In four years I haven't been able to beat AAA's rates. AAA also offers a bundled home and auto policy.

Just making my annual price check. I have received great customer service from my triple a car insurance agent, Anne Morin sp? She really helped me figure out the true differences between different insuance companies, and always accessable!! My California home is not a rental, and AAA will not continue my coverage since I no longer live in the home. I am happy with AAA renters insurance and also have my auto policy with them. I just want to check the cost from other companies.

Good company but when the ded. AAA Insurance is one of the oldest and trustworthy Insurances out there,with one of the best coverages we have found. We have had Allstate,Geico and now we have AAA and they have everything we need,towing, roadside asst. In general I a pleased with most aspects off my service from AAA. My greatest displeasure is that they are very expensive. Because the cos t is high, I thought I was covered for all contingencies except Floods, but I discovered that I was not covered for sewer backup.

I think that my original agent should have suggested this coverage. We are a family of four, multiple cars. Great to be under one roof. My husband made sure that each kid got a car and insurance.

Aaa auto insurance boulder co

AAA Homeowners Insurance is a rip off. They lowball the cost and take your money for years but try and make a legitimate claim. Lesson learned - pay a little more and get a reputable insurance company. The customer service just give you wrong info, and they don't admit their fault. I even asked them to pull out the call to realize the agent told me something totally wrong, but they didn't.

We have had very high winds between 65 and 75 mph's for over a month or long fact remain since we filed a claim back in February it is still blowing! We have a cinder block wall, it is only on our land on one side the other side is on Allstate property!

It's on a slop.

We have a claim adjuster that has refused to return my call for the last 4 times I have called her! I can't get any information on what is going on with with claim and it's been over a month! I finally called the main number and talked to another agent they are going to be doing testing on the ground, earth,and soil! He told me to start the work! Like two senior citizens that are disabled have the money or can do it! I said so AAA is trying to get out of paying for this, he said did I say that, well yes!

With this wind it is getting worse as time goes by!

What car insurance companies don't tell you about rates

I want to know why we have home and auto insurance at all? Because of this our insurance is going to go up, and they won't answer my calls and haven't done anything! This is a terribly ran company who treats seniors terrible! My husband is so upset I thought he was going to have a heart attack over this! I need the number for management for the claims adjuster I will not be ignored or treated like this I have never been late paying for my insurance at all!

I am so sick over this! No accidents, tickets. Claimed California approved rate hike. Now looking for other insurance. My experience with AAA is the auto insurance has the lowest cost. When a tree fell on my car, my premiums did not go up. I would not use their recommended providers for repairs. I used one of their preferred provider and my car was guaranteed the repairs to be done within 2 weeks. The rental car was covered for 30 days but the repairs took 7 weeks.

After the 3rd week, I was angry with empty promises from the repair shop. The repair shop was in Lincolnwood or Skokie and was run by foreign speaking Russian, Romanian?? I will never use one of their preferred shops ever again. Other than this incident, I have been very happy with AAA.

AAA can't be blamed for a repair shop that is ruined crookedly. We switched from AAA to Mercury after our car got totalled in an accident when a woman hit us after she ran a red light. So then after we were with Mercury for a few years my dad decided to switch back to AAA. Worst decision ever! I got hit by a state vehicle recently. This time we made sure to get full coverage on my car. But no, the insurance agent was being extremely pushy telling me to take the blame and just pay the deductible.

Imagine that. Even the police told me that I wouldn't have to worry about paying anything and the rental would be covered by the state vehicle but no, the insurance agent kept pushing me to take the blame.

AAA Insurance was founded in the early 's by the American Automobile Association. The company sells both auto and home insurance, and is available . Latest Auto Insurance Reviews in Boulder, Colorado Boulder, CO's average car insurance of $ differs from Sugarloaf (+$), Niwot (+$), Lazy Acres (+$) and . 1, AAA Insurance, 28th St Ste , Boulder, CO Find 12 listings related to Aaa Auto Insurance in Loveland on See reviews, photos 6. AAA Automobile Club. 63rd StBoulder, CO

To hike up my insurance rate. We will never be returning to AAA again after it this year is up. AAA is great if you don't plan on getting into an accident or better yet since no one plans on getting into a fender bender or totaling your car, most of the time you're taken away by surprise. Well all was well until I got into an accident Where I wasn't at fault and was rear ended by someone who was doing 40mph and wasn't paying attention and I'd come to a stop at the stop light.

The AAA claims agent I had was the absolute worst agent anyone could possibly have gotten! He didn't keep me updated let alone return my emails or calls.

It's been 5 months since the accident and he's not even done anything about it as far as a claim. I had to call other agents and figure out where there were on the process and my PIP benefits. I talked to his extremely rude manager and no one seemed to want to take responsibility for my claim and so I'm changing insurances. I needed physical therapy, MRI scans and a bunch of other work done and AAA hasn't even gotten back to me on any of it.

My view on insurance is that, when you need it at such a time as an accident, you the customer shouldn't be stressing out about things that you're not getting paid to do. I on the other hand was the one who had to communicate back and forth with the at-fault party's insurance and figure things out. I highly recommend staying away from AAA at all costs as they have the WORST customer service after an accident and I think that is when you need to be able to rely on your insurance and them taking care of you the most.

Last year my mom, a AAA Member since she was 16, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The first time in over 40 years, she was late on 2 payments.

After she was home, I took over bills, called them immediately, and made the two payments, explaining the situation, that her Cancer came back in her brain and she had to have brain surgery. Their response was, in order for her to renew her policy, she has to make a full years payment. I told the Rep, that she could not afford that, and that she has been with them for over 40 years with no late payment, and in those 40 years has only made a few claims. And apologized because it was an over sight, my brother thought he had made a payment, but the payment was for the member service and with the stress of my mom being in the hospital.

She told me there was nothing she can do, and they wouldn't renew her policy, unless it was paid a year in advance. Needless to say, we had to find another Insurance company. I can't begin to describe the disappointment and disgust I felt at that moment.

Is this how this company treat their loyal customers? I definitely will never go through them again, neither will my family. And on top of that, they wouldn't refund the money we paid for the membership fee. So on top of having a new insurance that had all the perks they did, we paid a membership fee that wasn't going to be used at all.

Stay away from AAA. After I changed my address, they prorated my policy back to the start date even though the agent on the phone said this was not possible to do. I get a bill in the mail for back fees. To add insult to injury, AAA did not cancel the policy when I had asked and charged me an extra day, with late fees and penalties for not paying on time. Things were great at first, I was told about all these extra discounts I was eligible for. There was a discount for having auto payments.

So, I took this option. Just a couple months later they send me a letter stating "My insurance has not been paid. I signed a paper giving them permission to take out the insurance money at a specific time every month, and because someone there didn't do their job, I got penalized for it.

Triple A was provided excellent service when I started. Not very happy with the company that recommended for my vehicle repair when damaged by an object flying into the front end.

Overall, I have not had very many claims or issues with this company. The main complaint would be very costly insurance. I think I am happy with this company, but I got an email and just thought I would compare and make sure I am getting the best deal for my money. I did not like it plz help me in the process of changing my insurance for the betterment of my car and my families safety. I currently have AAA and I am looking to reduce my home owners insurance cost so I am searching for lower rates.

We have been very happy with AAA except they have really raised the premium since having a claim that was an act of god.

I have been a AAA member since and have used the agency for the last 4 years. At present, I have an auto policy with Safeco Insurance. I decided to shop around as the premium went up more than usual. I was told that AAA Insurance was their best quote. I did not accept the quote and started to call other companies. I received a better quote from Travelers when I called them. They are trying to get their customers to buy AAA Insurance even when they are not the cheapest. My husband and I decided to decline full coverage on 2 vehicles and kept full coverage on 1.

In Nov. Today we found out by our State's DMV that our policy was canceled. Knowing that we had paid, we called AAA for clarification. We were informed that our homeowners was paid up, but the payment for our auto insurance was short with no reflection of our lowering our coverage. We never received a warning notification and there was no rationale as to why we received a refund. In Nov, Dec, and January we were traveling the highways never knowing that we were not insured.

Thank God nothing happened on the road. Our account was not adjusted to reflect the changes in out policy and we were cancelled. We have had auto insurance for more than 43 years and have never been cancelled by any company.

I am so disappointed in this company, but at the same time grateful that we were notified by a 3rd party. I went out today driving never ever thinking that I was driving uninsured. All things work together for good. They have been difficult and rude at every juncture. While other companies have been very available and proactive about meeting with victims and writing out checks for the entire covered limits, this company will go out of its way to avoid paying you the full amounts that you are covered for, in the various categories.

I had to finally file a claim with the department of insurance. They are likewise incredibly stingy about paying out in the other categories Cost of Rebuilding, Additional Living Expenses, etc. You have to fight them for every cent. Ordered AAA, and then decided to cancel it I decided to receive this service through my insurance within 5 minutes.

The funds were immediately withdrawn from my account. First they lied and stated that I had received services within the five minutes, to prevent a refundand we had to prove that it was not true. Next they AAA stated that it would take days to receive the refund. When I did not receive the refund within that time frame, We were then informed that it would take 10 business days to receive the refund.

When I did not receive the refund within that time period, we were then informed that it takes up to 14 "business days". It took AAA "2 seconds" to remove the funds from my account, but they are "very slow" when it comes to returning your refund. The "14 business days" will be up shortly, and hopefully my refund will be returned to my account. Our vehicle was hit in a parking lot by a CSAA customer.

The claims adjuster Tahsona Inge had no empathy and seemed to not care at all for the damage to our vehicle by her policy holder. The car was at the body shop for 3 weeks before they deemed it a total loss due to its age even though it only has 55, miles on it. She was not helpful and her customer service skills are horrible. I signed with AAA because of the competitive Rate.

AAA Colorado / Denver Tech Center Store - South Willow Drive, I recently purchased a vehicle through AAA Colorado's Auto Source program, and have. 38 results Find 38 listings related to Triple Aaa Auto Insurance in Boulder on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Triple Aaa. Get protection and peace of mind with AAA Auto Insurance. Get a quote online, by phone or in person at a AAA office today. Request a quote online here.

They resort to trickery to save every penny when there is a claim. First they tried to downplay the value of my replacement. Then after approving the replacement, they changed their decision because I wouldn't agree to let them replace with a lower model. Then when they insisted that I have to repair it, they told me they would pay to transport the unit to the shop for repair and I could send them the invoice, after I transported it, they refused to pay for the transport.

Supervisors are very unprofessional and not credible at all. Spoke to garage mechanic in halfmoon location. He was very rude and short with me also talked down to me. Being a triple a member for years may have cost you a customer. I've never been treated so disrespectful from any one other than your employees. Vehicle was involved in accident on Vehicle was repaired in 5 days.

Claim filed with other insurance company. I filed a claim and got a claims adjuster named Adam Sanchez that never returned my calls. I have made numerous attempts to contact AAA; but, to no avail as I have not received a call back and have wasted hours upon hours with those who can do nothing.

Get directions, reviews and information for AAA Colorado - Boulder Store in starts and towing; auto / home / life / travel / dental / long-term care insurance;. New Aaa Colorado jobs added daily. Boulder, CO, USMore Boulder jobs > qualified candidates to provide our members with trip routing, hotel and car reservations AAA Colorado is seeking Insurance Customer Service Representatives. Get the best car insurance quotes in Denver, CO. Other popular Denver car insurance companies: AAA, Safeco, USAA, MetLife, Country.

Ina horrid claims adjuster screwed up the account costing me over a thousand extra per year! They won't make it right despite my evidence. I will need to report this to the State. This is theft of my hard-earned special education teacher's salary! I have been with AAA for several years ,for many reasons,first and formost the customer service is excellent Storm and Shelly always go the extra mile for the custumer.


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