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Far-right group banned after marching in Nova Scotia Apple Blossom Festival parade

An insurance broker is an invaluable ally for the consumer. An insurance policy is a promise to pay in event of an insured claim. Purchasing insurance can be complicated as insurance policies are legal documents and not every policy is the same. Purchasing insurance through an insurance broker will give you Peace of Mind. We specialize in finding the right insurance solutions for our clients. We offer more than just a policy for our clients as a full service Brokerage.

Or perhaps it is the huge 18 wheeler delivering an entire truck load of supplies. No matter what kind of business vehicle you own, it must be insured in Nova Scotia, and when you choose the right insurance people, you can save time and avoid many headaches in the future.

Tom B ran a local pharmacy for many years, and he managed to stay in business even when the large chain drug stores moved into the neighborhood.

Strum Car Insurance Nova Scotia

How was Tom able to do this? He provided honest and personal service. He had loyal customers that he called by first name and if someone was out of refills for his or her prescriptions, Tom would call the doctor office for them.

Tom also provided free delivery service to customers with mobility or transportation issues. One Saturday the pharmacy was very busy and there were many deliveries to make.

What Kinds of Insurance Coverage in Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia Do You Need?

Tom agreed and Henry was soon on his way. Everything went smoothly until Henry had just finished his last delivery.

It skidded into the opposite lane and into the path of an oncoming car. Henry received serious injuries as did the occupant of the other vehicle. Thankfully, Tom had talked to his insurance broker about commercial vehicle insurance only six month before. His broker advised him to take out ENOL coverage, which paid for the claims.

Without this helpful advice, Tom could have been in all kinds of financial and legal trouble. It is the law — In Nova Scotia you must have certain types of coverage options or you could face serious fines.

Find the lowest car insurance rates in Nova Scotia. Start by comparing quotes from Canada's top car insurance companies. Heather Kinsman. Account Manager. Heather has been with Huestis Insurance Group since Heather is a born and raised Valley girl who now lives in. Auto insurance in Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia covers you for these unfortunate events. The fact is auto insurance is mandatory in Canada and there are good.

It will pay to repair your car if it is damaged You will be relieved of legal liabilities that could result in major lawsuits It will cover payments for injuries to you, passengers, and other drivers and passengers. You receive peace of mind in knowing things are covered.

Auto insurance annapolis valley

Who Needs Auto Insurance? What are My Options? Here are some coverage options you may wish to consider: An independent brokerage like Russell Insurance Group Ltd can offer you a number of things that a single insurance company cannot, such as: Increasing your deductible is an easy way to reduce your insurance costs. Maintaining a good driving record is very important, as traffic violations will increase your insurance rates.

Get your free commercial auto insurance quote from Russell Insurance Most businesses in the Annapolis Valley need some type of vehicle for transportation. Get a Quote from AA Munro Insurance for auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance and much more. Call or visit us. Get rates for auto and home insurance. Call to speak to a qualified insurance broker today.

While the type of car you drive does not affect the premium you pay for Third Party Liability insurance, it does affect the cost of Collision, Vandalism and Fire and Theft coverages.

Some vehicles offer better protection to occupants; some are more expensive to repair; some are more susceptible to theft than others. There are many factors that contribute to the cost of insuring specific cars — including the country of origin, the year the vehicle was manufactured, the availability of parts for the car, the safety test ratings… the list goes on and on. Don't Wait Click here to Get a Quote Now! Rather, it covers the day to day surgeries and treatments that can add up to big bills.

Nobody likes to contemplate their own death, which is why many of us neglect to arrange for life insurance, and surveys show that one person in three has no life insurance at all. But what would happen to your family in the event of your death? Without a life insurance policy in Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia, from an insurance company or broker, your loved ones could struggle to pay the bills and maintain their standard of living.

So it's important to understand the different types of life insurance and to get life insurance quotes, so your loved ones and family are covered. Life insurance pays out when you die, but there are big differences between the types of life insurance coverage and the size of the premiums.

Free Quote for auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance and much more. Call () or visit us Fairway Insurance. Free Quote for auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance and much the Russell Insurance Group has provided protection for the Annapolis Valley. Locate and compare Insurance Agents & Brokers in Annapolis Valley East NS, Yellow high quality home and auto insurance and group benefits to Canadians .

Whenever you get behind the wheel of a car, it is possible that you may cause damage to other people's property, injure, or even kill yourself, or other drivers, passengers, or pedestrians.

Auto insurance in Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia covers you for these unfortunate events.

You can count on Russell Insurance Group

The fact is auto insurance is mandatory in Canada and there are good reasons for it. Choosing the right auto insurance coverage in Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia can be tough.

There are a variety of insurance companies and brokers in Canada, and if you shop for one carefully enough, you will be able to find very inexpensive cheap auto insurance.

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