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Auto insurance dekalb il and you

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Underlying Interest - the asset sliability ies or other interest s underlying a derivative instrument, including, but not limited to, any one or more securities, currencies, rates indices, commodities, derivative instruments, or other financial market instruments.

Underwriter - person who identifies, examines and classifies the degree of risk represented by a proposed insured in order to determine whether or not coverage should be provided and, if so, at what rate. Underwriting - the process by which an insurance company examines risk and determines whether the insurer will accept the risk or not, classifies those accepted and determines the appropriate rate for coverage provided. Underwriting Risk - section of the risk-based capital formula calculating requirements for reserves and premiums.

Unearned Premium - amount of premium for which payment has been made by the policyholder but coverage has not yet been provided.

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What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

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