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No What dating apps have worked for you? What dating apps have worked for you? My return rate on sites and apps is pretty appalling. Maybe half a dozen short conversations. One date. No second date. And that's out of, well, I don't know how many swipes and opening messages. In the hundreds, for sure.

I've mixed it up with long profiles, short profiles, a mixture of photos I've been active on apps and sites, on and off, for about nine years. Part of my problem is that I live in a small catchment area. I see the same faces pop up on Tinder time after time. It used to piss me off, but "meh". If you see yourself as a Chad, meet women in person, because if you look like a 6, online dating won't show your personality. Besides online dating almost always fails.

OKC has been responsible for the two best relationships I've ever been in. Well, not responsible, but it got the ball rolling.

I was wondering what dating apps people suggest for someone in their late 20's. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best I'm always online looking for real fun and discovering those hidden gems to meet.

Tinder have always been the, uh, "quantity over quality" option, at least where I live. Tinder has worked the most. After 6 months of it, I've gotten 1 reply per month and 1 date out of the whole thing.

Bumble was weird because even though I got matched, none of them would start. I've had really good success with Tinder and Bumble.


I'd probably give the edge to Tinder though since I don't have to wait for them to message me first and can take the initiative.

Currently have about matches on Tinder but I live near a major metro area so that skews it a bit more in my favor.

The hardest part about dating apps for me is I don't find that many people attractive. But I've only tried a couple. Tinder was a gold mine of cute guys that were. I've tried Tinder, Bumble, Meet Me and a dozen other apps, but I can never seem to find anyone. My one and only success was an OK Cupid date that lasted a. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best sites and apps is pretty appalling. Maybe half a dozen short conversations. One date.

Tinder, Bumble. Bumble's a joke actually.

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My friend's on Raya and that's an absolute shit-show. I've had slightly better results with Bumble. But the whole girls messaging you first is useless because it's always "Hey" "How are you : ".

You still have to do almost all the work.

OkCupid seems like it's dying and Tinder is just a bunch of blank profiles with Snapchat filter pics on them. Are there any good dating apps anymore or I'm a. Tinder has that reputation but there are a TON of caveats -Its not really the app, it's the individual interaction that you have on the app, and during the meeting. r/dating: A sub to discuss and vent about the dating process and learn from the experiences In your guys experience with is the best dating app for men.

Hinge does great for finding a new date every night if I want. Bumble oddly has been great for finding the two women that I long term dated since moving back to Boston Boston women dont want talk to you in person until they have facebook stalked you a bit first, in my opinion. Tinder has worked the most for me. Found my girlfriend through OkCupid. Other apps have been highly unsuccessful. My wife and I met through POF. The website, not the app. I mountain bike though and we use Life So if I get hurt, like break my leg or something, she can see where I'm at while I'm hurt on the trail.

Same thing when her or I travel for work. Can see that the other is OK. Back when tinder and bumble were new they were great. But these days. Not so much. Studies are now showing that girls are growing outrageously selective and only going for top tier dudes regardless of their own looks. Online at least. It has been awhile since I have used dating apps and I know things change overtime. It's designed for people looking to date rather than just hook up.

You can share WAY more about yourself and see much more about other, sort by more than just age religion, race, etc. I'm always online looking for real fun and discovering those hidden gems to meet people, and this site is one of them. I swear Tinder is the worst, Tinder has all of the attention seekers on it and people just looking for one time things There are a lot of people who say in their profile they're not interested in hook ups or one night stands.

In my experience. Guy here, and I didn't get a single date from CMB. Tinder landed me the most, though none of the relarionships lasted more than a month or two. Bumble I got a couple of dates. Hinge is by far the best for trying to find someone more serious. OKCupid is second best in my mind. The biggest reason I don't like Bumble and CMB is the fact that they are so focused on women that they don't offer men anything unless we pay for it.

CMB I have to get in a queue and wait for her to give me a chance.

Oh, but I can pay to skip the line? I have no idea whether she'll even match with me! No thanks And Bumble women basically get a second chance to right swipe, and most of the time they waste it with a lame "hi" message news flash, men don't want "hi" messages any more than women do.

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Other times they just don't message me unless I extend the timer. And I have to pay for extra timer extends. Sorry for the vent. I just get annoyed at how women centric these apps are. And Tinder has been going the same direction. The only features men get are ones we have to pay for. And regardless of the "premium" features, men looking for relationships still get lost in the crowd of creeps, assholes, and guys only looking for hookups.

Hinge on the other hand, the balance of power actually feels equal. I know when she's looking for something more serious. The premium features are tailored towards men and women. I know she actually read my bio in full.

And we know what we like about each other before we even start talking. Definitely would recommend Hinge. It's just business, sadly. Women are basically the 'products' of dating apps, as fucked up as it sounds, because men are the ones in high supply and low demand, and men tend to be the ones that do the buying of services.

Same principle as 'men pay, women get in free' at bars. Had much better luck because the profile questions are so much better and more comprehensive, in my opinion. Today marks 4 months for my OKCupid success story. I use Bumble exclusively. Yes there are some people on there only interested in hook ups, but usually as the age goes higher, the seriousness of a relationship does too.

I've met a very interesting prospect on there and we both want a lot of the same things. We'll see.

I think it is all dependent on where you live. I keep seeing Hinge recommendations here, but I installed it like a month ago and there were maybe 10 people on it in my area. Best of luck! You do have to wade through a lot of crap though. The bot accounts can be ridiculous. Can you be sure? Austin Powers was sure at the end of the first movie, and look how that turned out. I think you can use any of them the way YOU want. I understand that Tinder is usually looked at as some kind of hook-up app, but I met my current SO on it.

I haven't used online apps in a long time and when I did, I only used OKC. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. best · top. I am back to dating again after getting dumped by girlfriend. Looking for a wife. Any suggestions on the best apps? Suggestions? It has been a while. r/OnlineDating: Everything about online dating - your amusing stores, advice, I'?ve re-started my online dating profiles/apps (OK Cupid, Bumble, Tinder). I have interesting hobbies, a good personality, and I'm very easy to get along with.

Together over a year and a half and happy as clams. For a guy, Bumble is pretty great because women have to message first. Takes a lot of the pressure off of crafting a creative opening line. I have thought that as well, but I have been told that most of the time they just message you hey and still exepect the guy to come up with something creative.

Haha, this is true!

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