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Stereotypes About Muslim Marriages Made Me Fear What Would Happen When I Entered My Own

One of the most often read and commented posts on my website is about assumptions people make when you tell them you married an Arab. I tend to let the comments section just roll as people share their own stories and experiences. Some are good, some are bad. I am really blessed that my husband and my marriage has largely defied those stereotypes. I know many other women and men whose relationships also defy them. I know yet others whose relationships fit the stereotype. These are essentially the two most important things in Moroccan life.

With the world becoming more and more globalized, one would assume that interfaith marriages would become increasingly common, and that more Arab Muslim women would open up to the idea of dating, and even marrying non-Muslims.

But is this really the case? To find out, we talked to five Muslim, Arab women about their thoughts on interfaith dating and marriage.

Maybe my mom would be cool with it, but my dad would probably freak out. It took me years to get to the decision to let go of the stigma behind dating outside my race or culture.

It is an adjustment and even harder not to involve feelings. I fell in love with him and he mebut we have not gotten his parents blessings yet. I wish I had read this post before going to Morocco for the first-time for a wedding. In America, we are very publicly dating. In Morocco, I felt like we were almost strangers, but clearly not strangers since I had traveled for two days across an ocean to be at an important event for him.

This was the biggest culture shock for me. Not speaking Darija or French were rough, but not as difficult as the mental acrobatics involved in understanding our public and private relationship.

I am not a Muslim, but don't really have a problem with their culture, but I heard from a cabbie the other day that Moroccan men treat women like pieces of have a return ticket - with a fixed date; access to your own money. Marriages between Moroccans and foreigners are becoming increasingly A non-Muslim man who wishes to marry a Muslim Moroccan woman must . Please note that you need your most recent date of entry notarized. First of all muslims woman are not allowed to marry christians or jewish or else . Hi, i am a moroccan woman married to english man (muslim) the respect for.

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In countries across the region, men are legally allowed to marry anyone outside of their religion. "My decision to date a non-Muslim man was tough to get to because I believe my society conditioned Sana, 39, Moroccan. Advice to Non-Muslim Women against Marrying Muslim Men. by Daniel Pipes .. Dating a Moroccan for 9 months, Bella, Oct 1, As a currently engaged Hispanic-American woman engaged to a Muslim-Arab Moroccan man both in our 20's, I figured I should at least share some light our.

Get the Girlfriend's Guide to Marrakech! Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. He always spoke very politely and repeat fully.

The due day I was due back for England he spoke to me a little bit more and left me his number. I always seen him in the hotel and liked him as I felt he was very decent and never looked at you or starred at you or looked at u up and down.

I contact him and we have been talking for a week now. He is 26 and born an bread in marrkech. He told me that he really likes me and wants to marry me. At 1st I thought am I an escape route but I dared to tell him that. So casually I asked where would he want to live if we did get married. He explained he would be happy to live anywhere as long as I was with him as he wants to marry me and wants a family. He said he will wait for me till I go back to marrkech and wants to introduce me to his family as a girl who he wants to marry.

He said he wants to be with me in a halal way and the only reason he is talking to me is he wants marriage.

I really respect him for telling me this. He also told me about his past that he had women in his life but they refused to marry and wanted just fun.

I am also considering the fact I want to settle. I am a pakistani born and bread in England and I am a teacher. I think your situation is a little different than many others as you are wanting a halal arrangement at least it seems this way!

Do you have a mahram, parent, or trusted friend that could speak to him?

Moroccans go online in search of love

Do you share a language? Perhaps you could talk on the phone or online a little more. I would generally advise against jumping into anything before considering it a little further and spending a bit more time getting to know each other.

We are now speaking online and trying to get to know each other a little more. I have my sister who is willing to speak to him. Which is how we communicate as he can read write and speak English.

I will be going back to marrakech next year in shaa allah and until then we are going to speak and know more of each other. Salam wa alaykom Sister! I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating this process had been so far lol aka soooooo many papers.

I finally received my background check from the FBI, so hopefully the rest of the papers are a bit easier to acquire. Great post Amanda. I currently broke up with a Moroccan man that I was dating bc of religion. Being a Christian and him a Muslim, he told me that he would only marry someone who is similar to his mom who is veiled and someone she approves of. His mother is everything to him, and he values his family a lot.

Is this common in morocco? Or is he just giving me an excuse. I would say his issues have less to do with religion and more to do with culture. Hi Amanda, maybe you can shed some light on my situation.

About 3 months ago I started talking to a 30 year old Morrican man. He is here in the US to study for years.

Dating a moroccan muslim man

Since talking, he and I have grown close and met twice. Baby brother in which that name is inscribed on his ring. My 21 old daughter wants to marry 23yr morrocon, shes been to see him on 3 visits, one lasting a month. His family support the idea. He works in a hotel as a fitness instructor. Over skype the family appear nice and are kind to my daughter. My daughter has for many yrs suffered with M.

Meet Moroccan men for Dating and find your true love at Sign up today I am a sincere, young Muslim man who feels extremely blessed by Allah. blog /05 advice-to-non-muslim-women-ag. If you don't mind having a great chance of being exploited into becoming a Muslim, then go ahead. My personal experience: * When visiting his family, his father.

I dont doubt they are in love, they are young and impulsive. I to help them but in the right choices. Your advice will be welcome thank you. My marriage is with muslim Moroccan man and honestly I listened only to my heart. I didnt follow all these steps in this article. But we love each other and I am ready to live everywhere with him, it doesnt matter where, it does matter only the company!

If you want to ask me some questions about my marriage, I am ready. Anything you want to share I would love to hear! AmandaReally enjoy your posts and reading your perspective on all things Moroccan.

I notice from your pictures that you wear a scarf. Respectfully, and without getting into your personal business too much, I would like to know what prompted you to wear the scarf?

Advice to Non-Muslim Women against Marrying Muslim Men

Or is it something you have always worn? Just curious as it remains an enigma to most westerners. Thank you again for your wonderful blog. Hello - not too personal no. It was very hard in the Midwest US where we used to live to wear it. I faced a lot of problems.

If you're considering marrying a Moroccan man, take a read over these of which jogged my memory to conversations I've had with women "dating" men in Morocco. It's also a requirement that Muslim men care for their families financially. My experience with the Moroccan Man. Reader comment on item: Advice to Non-?Muslim Women against Marrying Muslim Men. Submitted by.

I chose to wear it in Morocco out of respect and that it makes life easier. At least that was my first reasoning. After some time it just became a part of me and it felt like the right thing to do. It is freeing to have the focus be on me as a person but I still feel like that depends on where you are. Traveling as much as we do, the reception varies from place to place impacting my experience.

Are we supposed to just accept them? If your discover your spouse has always been more or less a sex addict and sleeps with other people, are you supposed to accept them for who they are?

I think what you said is valid of course. I think you took what I said the opposite direction that I meant it!

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