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Understanding Your Health Insurance Costs - Consumer Reports

Get affordable health insurance Exchange rates for Colorado. Within minutes, you can view top-rated single and family medical coverage at the best direct prices. If you need to quickly purchase a plan, we can help you find the most appropriate individual coverage and apply for a policy. We give you a clear explanation of the coverage and cost of each policy so you can choose the right plan. There are never any fees, costs, or obligation, and the published premiums are always the guaranteed lowest rates as mandated by the Department of Insurance. Our free online customized quotes allow you to find budget-friendly policy options that keep premiums low, and also help cover medical expenses, including out-of-pocket costs.

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Health Insurance Basics - Premium, Deductible, Max out of Pocket, Copays

When comparing health plans, one of the main challenges is understanding the terminology. To shop smart, get familiar with the basic terms used with health insurance. A monthly rate you pay. Premiums vary by plan and your age. Most health insurance companies renew and adjust their rates annually. The amount you pay for medical services before the plan begins to pay.

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