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Axa health insurance reviews money

Best individual health insurance policy in india

AXA Shield plans cost above the market average for public hospital coverage, making them less than ideal for consumers on a budget. However, those looking for a private hospital plan may find value in AXA's below average prices for private hospital plans and its decent coverage. Additionally, those looking for maximum post-hospitalisation coverage will appreciate AXA's market beating post-hospitalisation benefit. AXA Shield's plans will benefit individuals either not on a budget or those looking for affordable private hospital plans. There are three plans to choose from: AXA Shield's coverage is a mixed bag.

There are differing wordings regarding pregnancy in health insurance. However, insurers make various statements regarding pregnancy complications, indicating that some events would be covered. It also provides a list of conditions that would be covered in its policy documents, including costs for treating ectopic pregnancies, retained placentas and miscarriages requiring immediate surgical treatment.

It also pays a pregnancy and maternity benefit. These, and other features, can be compared across providers and policy levels using Activequote. For more information, read our in-depth article on pregnancy and health insurance. It says that it will not cover any treatment that then relates to the reconstruction.

James O'Connell. 1 review. Star 1. Star 2. Star 3. Star 4. Star 5. 24 May . I cannot thank or recommend AXA PPP Health Insurance highly enough and I.

Breast reduction is a topic that is specifically drawn out by Vitality, which states it will not cover it, whether or not for psychological or medical reasons.

Bupa states that non-essential surgery is not covered but does not go into details on how that is defined. Complementary therapies are usually considered in their own category by health insurers. They typically comprise chiropody, chiropractic treatments, homoeopathy and acupuncture.

Dietary services can also be classed as complementary. Health insurers often offer complementary therapies as an add-on option to their core cover. Vitality allows you to exclude complementary therapies to lower your premium, or select from two cover levels. The levels of complementary therapy and the premiums resulting can be compared across providers and policy levels by using Activequote. This wording gives a message of comfort in the sense that no matter what the bill, your cover will apply.

However, in practice, there may be features of your policy or small print that means this is not the case. When you get a quote, companies will highlight some of these cases. For example, you are asked to select the hospitals you would like to be eligible for treatment in should you need or prefer treatment at another hospital then you would not be covered. But some restrictions are less clear and can be equally important.

In practice, consultants are technically free to decide their own fees, so if they choose to charge more then the insurer may not pay the full amount. For example, anaesthetists are just as critical to a procedure and you will also have to cover their fees.

So when buying, it is worth exploring with the insurer to understand whether you should put extra money aside in case of a shortfall. Customer reviews can be helpful in understanding how comprehensive cover can be in practice.

It's worth sifting through a few of the bad reviews if any exist as they can often relate to a situation where they did not receive a payout, despite the customer expecting to be covered.

Note down any questions you have when reading the terms and conditions of the policy and contact the insurer directly to ask about them before buying. If you would like more information on the providers at the top of our list have a look at our detailed reviews.

We hope to add reviews of more providers from our list, as well as others on the market, in the coming weeks. This section gives a brief overview of the four biggest UK health insurers and a fifth that has high search demand. Vitality used to be known as PruHealth. It aims to keep its customers healthy by offering a range of rewards and discounts relating to health and leisure.

It has had a big marketing push in recent years, with campaigns fronted by the likes of Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Before buying the AXA PPP Health Insurance Plan take a look at our review to find out whether its the right healthcare plan for you. Then when you're ready to. AXA PPP Healthcare Claims Reviews. Find out what genuine customers have said about Our expert review of AXA PPP Health Insurance, compare online quotes with other top UK insurers and use our cashback code to get 2 Months FREE.

Read our full review here. Bupa is a giant in health insurance. It launched two years before the NHS and owns hospitals, care homes and dental centres. It offers private care for individuals and through some companies' benefit schemes. Aviva used to be called Norwich Union and it is the biggest insurer in the UK.

Its history stretches back more than years and it deals with millions of claims around the world every year. The company launched in and has become one of the biggest health insurance providers in the UK. WPA is not one of the big four but there is a large amount of online search demand for it. It is a not-for-profit private medical insurer and it does not participate in capped payout or fee assured schemes.

Vitality offers health and life insurance. Vitality has a unique offering in the UK Health Insurance market. The company combines its healthcare offer with a set of discounts and rewards for healthy activities.

It uses technology such as wearables and logging trips to the gym to monitor your healthy activity. You can compare Vitality to other health insurance providers at Activequote. Independent financial researcher Defaqto gives Vitality's Personal Healthcare policy its top 5 Star ranking. A 5 Star policy is "an excellent product with a comprehensive range of features and benefits". Rather than having set cover levels to choose from, Vitality allows you to tailor cover to your needs.

You can set cover levels for several categories of treatment such as outpatient treatment, diagnostics, psychiatric, dental and even travel insurance. Remember that while limiting cover will lower your premium, it can also limit the treatment you will be able to receive. Vitality's health and leisure rewards and discounts are unique features of the policy. They are intended to help customers understand their health, take part in healthy activities and be rewarded for them.

To help customers engage with their health they get cashback and discounts with health brands and shops. Additionally, with enough steps logged, your activity can earn you a free cinema ticket and a Starbucks Coffee each week. To see if they are right for you, compare Vitality policies versus the market at Activequote.

For more in-depth information, you can also read our full Vitality Health Insurance review. It has boiled down its range to two levels of cover. It includes two levels of cancer cover. You can compare Bupa to other health insurance companies at Activequote. With 2.

You can see how it compares with other providers using the Activequote. AXA is the second-largest provider health insurance provider in the UK and it's Bupa's main competitor. Join the group to access to the deal. You can see how AXA compares with Bupa and other providers at activequote. This 6-week rule is intended to allow you to get access to private treatment when NHS waiting times are long, but avoid making a claim when the NHS waiting list is short.

If you opt for the 6-week rule, you'll agree to NHS treatment you within 6 weeks of diagnosis - you must take that route and private treatment is not covered. Your premium will be lower to reflect the fact that you may use NHS treatment in some cases it works similarly to Saga's 4-week option - AXA is Saga's health insurance underwriter so it is no surprise to see some similarity in their products.

AXA allows you to get online health insurance quotes and you can compare their policies with others in the market using Activequote. You can get a quote for Aviva health insurance at Activequote.

It only offers one policy level Healthier Solutions which can be tailored through a series of optional add-ons. Aviva highlights the importance of getting the balance right between paying less and having enough cover. Aviva has a range of options to help keep costs down. Their 6-week wait option kicks in when treatment on the NHS is not possible within 6 weeks similar to AXA and Saga's policies - helpful if you're happy to go with NHS service but have private medical insurance as a 'backup' when waiting lists are long.

Finally, you can choose the hospitals you can access, which allows you to select local options that cost less. If you are seeking more cover and consequently a higher premiumAviva's cover can include psychiatric treatment, dental and optical cover and therapies cover. Aviva also allows you to protect your no claims discount when you've earned it and extend the list of UK hospitals you can use if you wish. Once you have a rough idea of the cover you'd like, make sure you check Aviva's terms and conditions to ensure you are getting what you expect.

Aviva also offers policies for specific problems or concerns such as its Child Health Essentials, Cancer Essentials and Physio Essentials policies. Aviva offers private health insurance online quotes through its website and over the phone.

You can also compare their policies against the rest of the UK market using Activequote. For more in-depth information, you can also read our full Aviva Health Insurance review. It revealed it had stopped taking new customers and anyone with an APRIL policy would not be able to renew at the end of their policy year.

The news could leave some customers who developed a condition while they had an APRIL policy or develop one before their cover ends in a difficult position.

When their policy ends they may want to shop around for a new health insurance company but conditions that developed while they had an APRIL policy will be classed as pre-existing conditions and are unlikely to be covered.

Read our guide to getting health insurance for pre-existing conditions. APRIL UK came top of our list of the best health insurers in as a result of their overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. Health-On-Line is a newer insurance company, founded in with the aim of bringing a fresh and new approach to health insurance. In fact, the companies are closely integrated - Health-on-Line's salespeople can advise you and sell you both a Health-on-Line policy or an AXA policy.

Health-On-Line aims to give you control over your cover, offering modules and choices to tailor it to your needs. It puts an emphasis on making health insurance easier and more accessible for people, for example, by aiming to minimise jargon. It also focuses on customer service - when you have an enquiry you are handed back to the same person who sold you your policy so that you are always in touch with the same person.

AXA underwrites all of Health-On-Line's policies, which may give some people a sense of extra security and comfort because it's a newer brand. It also offers a Priority Diagnostics policy, which helps customers who want to have the speed and choice of private care during diagnosis by giving access to specialist scans and tests. Health For You is its entry-level Private Medical Insurance policy - it covers heart and cancer care but also in-patient treatment for a range of other conditions or treatments.

Its modules include options for out-patient treatments, therapies, mental health, dental and optician cashback as well as worldwide travel cover. It also allows you to reduce your cover in several ways to keep the policy within your budget.

Axa health insurance reviews

Learn more in our in-depth Health-on-Line health insurance review. Super is its top-of-the-range product, covering both in-patient and out-patient treatment as well as diagnostic procedures. For a number of categories - such as surgeon's fees, hospital fees, cancer treatments and diagnostic tests - there is no limit on the amount that can be claimed any year. You can get a quote at the Saga website. Saga provides a number of options that allow you to reduce cover and lower your premium, or pay more to get greater cover.

This option reduces the premium, but in return, the policyholder has to accept NHS treatment if it is available within 4 weeks of the date of diagnosis. The full terms and conditions of these options can be seen on Saga's site. This set-up combines AXA's underwriting knowledge with Saga's focus on the over 50's market, with the intention of creating a product as a 'best buy' for the over 50s. You learn more about its products on Saga's site. Saga doesn't feature on comparison sites but it is always worth shopping around - you can compare a range of other health insurance policies using Activequote.

Activequote allows you to filter by pricing and cover to see how they stack up vs Saga's own offering. Western Provident Association has three 4 Star products. In addition, its policies are underwritten by AXA PPP, so while you might not recognise the name you are buying from, a big-name company is involved behind the scenes.

You can get a health insurance quote from the Permanent Health Company at Activequote. Both provide extensive cover for in- and out-patient treatments, diagnostics, chemo and radiotherapies.

AXA PPP Health Insurance

You can compare its policies and prices versus the market to find your own 'best buy' using activequote. Freedom offers a unique feature in its Your Choice policy - it allows you to choose cover for a similar range of conditions and treatments to most other health insurance policies, however, it pays out differently. The usual process at most health insurers is that you get a claim approved, go to a medical facility for some sort of treatment and then pass the bill on to your health insurer who covers it.

Freedom, instead, gives you cash - the amount depends on the claim and they leave it up to you how you will spend the money. This allows you to choose your hospital and specialists with freedom - you could even choose to use the money to travel abroad for treatment. You can even choose to keep the money and use the NHS.

This degree of choice can be attractive but the downside is that unlike other health insurers, they won't pick up the bill if it exceeds the cash amount you are paid up front. So if your condition turns out to be very complicated, you may find the cash is insufficient though Freedom aims to provide amounts that are suited to each treatment.

You can read more in our in-depth Freedom Health Insurance review. CS Healthcare is aimed at the Civil Service and voluntary or charitable workers. Read our CS Healthcare health insurance review for more. The Exeter is a mutual health insurer, it has a comprehensive policy but dropped out of our top 10 in because we could not find enough customer reviews.

Read our Exeter health insurance review for more. It offers eight policy levels with additional options for in-patient psychiatric treatment and worldwide travel that should mean you find the policy to suit your own needs.

Review: Axa Health Insurance

In addition, it also provides a unique option that allows you to get some cover for a pre-existing condition which almost all medical insurers excludeincluding diabetes and hypertension. The policy starts out with a low limit on claims relating to the condition in the first year, which increases every year you are claim free.

This can be attractive for people with pre-existing conditions that are now under control. Learn more about getting health insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions. General and Medical also offers a range of specialised private health insurance policies for sports people and are providers of health insurance for some large and well-known associations around the country such as the London Taxi Drivers' Association.

You can read more in our in-depth General and Medical Health Insurance review. Alternatively you can compare all of these providers using Activequote.

HMCA offers a range of health and other insurance plans for members of trade, professional and membership groups. It is not as well-known as other private medical insurers and it's fair to say its website and quote form feel behind the times compared with some other providers. However, there is no excess or age restrictions on any of its three medical care plans.

To get a quote you'll need to fill in an online form and they'll get in touch with you to discuss your options. It lists cover limits for its most comprehensive policy, The Medical Care Plan, here.

Some cover limits look lower than other providers like Health-on-Line, who will pay for some treatments in full. However, HMCA's limits may be suitable for some people and their prices may be lower. For even more in-depth reviews on different health insurance providers in the UK, see links below: Saga Health Insurance.

Aviva Health Insurance. AXA Health Insurance.

5 Reasons to Buy a Health Insurance Bharti AXA

Freedom Health Insurance. Bupa Health Insurance. WPA Health Insurance. CS Healthcare Insurance. April Health Insurance. PHC Health Insurance. Universal Provident Health Insurance Review.

Health-on-Line Health Insurance. Vitality Health Insurance. Many thanks. Here are the six best insurance companies that offer dental cover based on ratings from independe We reviewed the latest independent research to create our list of the best life insurance polici Mental health option.

Dentist and optician cashback option.

Extended cover option. European or worldwide travel cover options. Adventure sports upgrades within a Travel Cover Option. A no claims discount applies. A protected no claim discount is also available. NHS cancer support option. This option does not pay for cancer treatment but does pay for licenced cancer drugs that the NHS will not pay for and administering the drugs too.

An online package allows customers to manage much of their membership information online, including making claims and getting information. Modular plans are now very popular in the personal PMI space as they allow customers to hit a price level they are comfortable with, albeit at some cost regarding what the plan will then pay out for.

Modular plans are not perfect it can be hard to get exactly the right options, while, if you want everything covered the total cost can become prohibitive but they are a practical and understandable solution to the growing price issue.

AXA PPP healthcare has introduced a new personal private medical insurance ( PMI) plan called Personal Health. It is a modular plan and the core plan pays for. That's why we offer a choice of plans so you can pick the right one for you. Our Premium plan is suitable if you have private dental treatment. If you have dental. Will AXA's Shield plan be the right IP choice to suppelement your MediShield coverage? Read our review to find out.

In its literature, AXA PPP focuses on elements such as family, cancer and heart the two big expensive worries for many when it comes to private medicine and like the fact that customers can speak to a physiotherapist, as that will often avoid a time-consuming and expensive personal visit.

ON cancer referrals, same day cancer appointments are targeted where possible.

Summary AXA PPP is one of the largest private medical insurance providers in the UK. Its private healthcare plan, Personal Health, enables. This review is about their Private Health Insurance policy (previously called AXA PPP Health Insurance Review. So far so good '. Helped by Matthew fletcher in setting up my private health insurance, the man is an absolute star anything questions i had he was very.

Alternatively, the customer can get the names of up to three specialists and then contact them direct.


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