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The sports accident insurance uk not the sun

Sports Liability Insurance

Both professional and occasional sportspeople need to think about the insurance cover they need for their person, equipment and dependants. When Olympic gold medallist Dani King fell off her bike, insurance cover helped soften the landing. She still suffered eight broken ribs, a punctured lung, a bruised liver and the "dark thoughts" that flooded her mind in the back of an ambulance, but at least the prospect of unpaid bills didn't add to her distress. But the fact that the accident was completely out of her control - a training partner hit a pothole before toppling into her - should make every enthusiastic cyclist pause for thought. Team sports participants often have a basic level of insurance cover through their clubs , but this is often not the case for those who spend time on individual sports like cycling, climbing or surfing. They may have no insurance cover at all, especially if they haven't registered with membership schemes organised by their sport's governing body or association.

Will you have to take time off work and will your income cover any outgoings should this be necessary? What if you are self-employed?

What if your injury prevents you from working? Even if you are able to work, what if you require physiotherapy? Sports Accident Insurance Brochure. Application for Players.

Application for Teams. Three levels of cover are available: Team Name. Number of Team Members.

Sports are enjoyed by millions of people across the UK. Suffering a sports injury that stops your participation in your chosen sport is bad enough, but sometimes.

Select Sports Activity Player Coach. Chosen Sport Choose your sport For athletes, injuries and illness are associated with massive financial consequences and emotional distress.

Sports accident insurance uk

At the same time, clubs and teams are at risk of losing capital investment made in players. So that athletes and their clubs can keep their head in the game, Special HDI Sports Insurance offers bespoke cover to suit specific needs. Unlike many of our competitors, past injuries do not automatically exclude athletes from cover.

HDI Sports Insurance policies offer individual cover for injuries and illnesses, even if the affected athlete is at fault. Our broad, market-leading offering includes cover for:. Professional athletes can protect themselves against the financial losses resulting from a disability with HDI Professional Sports Insurance Individual Cover.

Insurance cover for individual sports and hobbies

The monthly payments can be tailored to meet individual needs based on the agreed daily rate with a choice of starting date after 42, 60 or 90 days. Making a Claim.

SportsCover Direct is pleased to offer a sports accident insurance offering day, 24 hour Sports Protection. Sports Insurance policies from ? p.a. plus a 20% online discount and no excess. You won't find the same cover cheaper. Our Sports Accident Insurance policy also includes personal injury cover, personal .. for sports businesses, organisations and individuals all around the UK.

By writing to them at: Policy Documentation. Protecting yourself financially is therefore vitally important to ensure that you can still pay your bills, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery and getting back to the sport you love. Get an instant quote or find out more.

Your Quote. Your Info. You're Done. All Sports Included as Standard Looking for a list of sports covered?

What is your current age? What is your gross annual income? How much would you like your policy to pay you each month? Slide to select.

Fix Your Premium Although the price quoted rises in small increments each birthday, you can choose to FIX your monthly premium. Age-Based Premium This table shows how your monthly premium increases as you get older if you do not fix your premium.

HDI Sport Insurance policies offer protection with individual cover for sports disabilities resulting from injuries, serious illnesses and accidents. CountryNames/UK?. We have noticed that you are located in United States so we recommend. Using our relationship with top UK Medical Insurer, General & Medical, we can provide cover that is designed to meet the needs of players at all levels, with a. "Her personal injury insurance was covered through UK Sport. If you're part of the British Cycling Olympic programme, then you are in effect a UK Sport-funded.

Fixed Premium This table shows your fixed premium - notice how it doesn't grow as you get older. Optional extras. Death Cover.

Here at Sports Insurance 4 U, we have options available for individual sports players, clubs and teams, whether you play it, teach it or organise it. Sports injury insurance offers you peace of mind should you suffer from a sports injury. Get instant quotes and cover online today. Sports injury insurance & income protection. Covers you 24/7 at work, rest & play, with FREE worldwide, multi-sport & amateur competition cover included.

Fix Your Premium. All Sports Your age: Buy Now. Why Us? It takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Pays out until your occupational retirement age, if you can't return to work. Free to cancel at any time. Quick guide to this policy. What does it do?

The Importance of Accident Insurance with USAble Life

Great to know: How much will I get paid? How does it pay out? You can apply for this policy if all of the following apply:


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